Fall Wedding Ideas For A Rustic Wedding in shades of peach and baby’s breath



Autumn is one of the most popular times of year to get married, not to mention one of the most beautiful. Enhance the natural beauty of a fall wedding by selecting a location as special as the season. Nothing says “fall wedding” quite like a rustic barn in the countryside. Think apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and the glorious colors of fall trees.  This type of setting captures the special cozy feeling of fall when the crisp chill is in the air, but the sun still feels warm on your face. Be inspired by this beautiful rustic fall wedding in a peach orchard in shades of peach and used baby’s breath as a main flowers — see full post in a real wedding – a cozy fall wedding in the peach orchard. Thanks to Mary Margaret Smith for beautifully wedding photos.

Fall Wedding Ideas For A Rustic Wedding in shades of peach and baby's breath | fabmood.com

For the cake, try another fabulous new trend in weddings-the naked cake. This natural-looking alternative to the traditional heavily iced and decoratively covered with fondant cake you’re used to seeing. What’s different is you can see the outer edge of the cake itself. The benefit to that is that you can see the layers in between! The naked cake has a naturally simple look to it.

naked wedding cake decorated with baby's breath | fabmood.com naked wedding cake decorated with baby's breath | fabmood.com:

Since a wedding is set in an outdoor setting that might be a field or grassy surroundings it is important to make sure that this is neat and as groomed as possible. As you know outdoor are most often dark. You need lots of lights to bright up such as twinkle lights or string lighting throughout or hang small votive candles onto the vines. What a lovely and romantic look this gives.

Fall Wedding Ideas For A Rustic Wedding in shades of peach and baby’s breath

One of the most popular fillers for most all floral arrangements, baby’s breath is sweet, simple, budget-friendly, available year-round and adds softness where you need it. It is also perfect for creative DIY wedding projects. They’re not overly fragrant, so they won’t interfere with your other bouquet choices. Baby’s Breath is a traditional floral element in all kinds of weddings, If you are planning a budget rustic wedding you should consider using baby’s breath. Here’re some gorgeous Baby’s breath wedding design ideas.

Simple place Baby’s breath on your Wedding cake

Baby breath on wedding cake | Half Orange Photography

Baby’s breath in wood barrels ligning the aisle.

#rustic baby's breath in wood barrels ligning the aisle | Photography by onelove-photo.com

Baby’s breath bouquet

Baby's breath bridal bouquet | Photography - www.summerstreetphotography.com

Ceremony Aisle Decor – Bucket of Baby’s Breath

Ceremony Aisle Decor | Bucket of Baby's Breath | Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography:

Escort Cards in a Bed of Baby’s Breath

#EscortCards in a Bed of #BabysBreath | Kelly Sweet Photography

Baby’s Breath Chandelier

Baby's Breath Chandelier | Photography - DelbarrMoradi.com

Baby’s breath wreath

Fall Wedding Ideas For A Rustic Wedding in shades of peach and baby's breath

Flower Girls + Baby’s Breath Halo Wreath

Flower Girls + Baby's Breath Halo Wreath | Photography: Elisa Bricker:

Baby’s Breath in A coca cola bottle as a wedding centerpiece

Rustic Fall Wedding | Photography: Perry Vaile Photography | Baby's Breath:

Baby’s breath flower crown

Baby's breath flower crown Photography: Mango Studios - mangostudios.com

The great news about today’s weddings is that almost anything goes! If you enjoy conventional customs and wish to stick with the old traditions, then you have a lot to choose from! Whether it is your bouquet, your dress, your ceremony proceedings, or how you celebrate at your reception.

Image credits : Palette : Mary Margaret Smith | Half Orange Photography | baby’s breath in wood barrels – Photography by onelove-photo.com, Florals by floraloccasions.com | Bouquet – Summer Street Photography | aisle – Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography | escort cards – Kelly Sweet Photography | Baby’s Breath Chandelier  – DelbarrMoradi.com | wreath – Meg Perotti photography | flower girls – Elisa Bricker Photography | centerpiece –  Perry Vaile Photography | flower crown – mangostudios.com

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