Teal and Copper Wedding Color Ideas + Copper Bridesmaids Dresses


Hello everyone and happy April fools’ day. Hope you all had a wonderful and sweet week. Today we have some fabulous wedding colour ideas for you  ” Teal and Copper Wedding Colour Ideas ” Since copper is included in my favorite colour and when I saw copper colored bridesmaid dresses from Donna Morgan I knew this would make a fabulous colour theme when pair with Teal. If you are a regular reader at Fab mood you probably remember that we included a copper in our 18 fall wedding colour ideas.

If you are looking for a wedding colour theme for you upcoming autumn wedding, it’s worth to take a look. You may find a colour that will catch your eye, who knows! Teal and Copper are a beautiful combination for a fall wedding.  It has the richness of the classic autumn shades and both are so wonderful together.

Teal and Copper Wedding Palette + Copper Bridesmaids Dresses | Fab Mood #teal #copper

Teal and Copper Wedding Ideas

  • Bride :  If you prefer or non traditional bride, you can wear a cream or off-white wedding dress and carry a bouquet made of ivory ,cream ,soft peach colored blossoms .
  • Bridesmaids : The bridesmaids dresses can wear the same shades of copper or you can mix and matched different styles but same colour. If your wedding is outdoors, the bridesmaids can also wear cream-colored pashmina wraps or shawls to stay warm without sacrificing style. 

Copper coloured bridesmaid dresses| fab mood #copperbridesmaid Sequin bridesmaid dresses - Copper coloured bridesmaid dresses| fab mood #copperbridesmaid


If you must have your bridesmaids wear teal, so have their bouquet made of orange blossoms tied in a grey ribbon or teal colored ribbon.

Teal Bridesmaid Lovely autumnal rustic bouquet with orchids and dahlia:

  • Wedding Shoes : Women dream to have a perfect, one of a kind wedding and walk down the aisle with your stunning wedding gown, accessories, make up and of course your wedding shoes. I love this apricot /metallic three inches heels from Jimmy Choo. I think three inches heels is designed to make the bride look tall, slim and sexy at her best.
  • Wedding Cake : I love this beautiful hand painted wedding cake,very unique and matched with this theme so well.

What do you think of this palette?  So feel free to share your comments and this will add to our instagram so feel free to tag or add your comments there.

Copper Bridesmaids : Donna Morgan “Serenity Collection” | Bride : Rebecca Hollis Photography via instagram  | Teal & Copper Wedding Invitation : Charla Storey Photography via Southern weddings | Jimmy Bridal Shoes : Blenda Montoro Photography via instagram | Copper Wedding Cake : Christina Blanarovich Photography Cake by Ninecakes via instagram | Ring : Jose Villa Photography

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