Choosing an engagement ring style for the one you love : How do you know which style to choose?


Hello again friends! Today’s second post is about something bling something shine! Choosing an engagement ring for the one you love is a huge deal because it is a profession of your love and commitment. Making sure you pick the right style is imperative. However,

How do you know which style to choose?

There are literally thousands of looks to choose from but only a handful of styles and the style you go with should complement the look. Well take a look at these designs below that we’ve rounded up to help you start.

Outgoing personalities

For those who have outgoing personalities and prefer a more glamorous touch to their jewelry, consider a designer engagement ring that has the diamond set up higher. This style is referred to as a “halo setting.” You can also opt for features like sparkling pave-set diamonds that can appear on the ring’s band. Most halo settings come with a circle of stones around the middle diamond for a bigger look.

An oval engagement ring is one of the engagement rings that are gorgeous and presentable to look at. These oval cut halo engagement rings sure to impress her.

Halo engagement ring | Choosing an engagement ring style for the one you love Oval cut halo engagement ring: Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love :

Stunning oval cut rose gold halo engagement ring: Photography : Rachel Solomon | Oval cut halo engagement ring | Valentina Glidden Photography


A hopeless lover 🙂

If your beloved is a hopeless romantic, woo her passionate side with a vintage engagement ring { take a look at these 10 gorgeous vintage engagement rings }  Think in terms of antique jewelry, maybe the type that your grandmother wears on her finger. Ring settings should bear details of millgrain, filigree, or scroll work designs. The band should be gentle, pretty, and dainty. Princess cut diamonds work beautifully with this style or cushion cut.

Vintage-inspired Trumpet & Horn engagement ring + box: Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love : Round engagement ring

Vintage-inspired Trumpet & Horn engagement ring + box | Simply Sarah Photography | Round engagement ring : Jake and Heather photography


Another one to look for a hopeless romantic lover is a cushion cut diamondA cushion cut diamond is square in shape and has rounded corners. It shares similar traits to emerald, princess, and oval cut diamonds. It is square and rectangular in shape and is puffy in appearance. The diamond resembles a stuffed cushion, hence the name. These rings are the perfect option for women that want something vintage or antique looking. Due to its vintage appearance it is sometimes referred to as the “antique cut”.

Cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring: Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love : Halo engagement ring + pink Mrs. box: Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love :

Gorgeous cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring  : Koman Photography | Stunning halo engagement ring + pink Mrs. box: Ryan Ray Photo


Colored Stones Engagement Rings

In terms of accents, don’t be afraid to play around with the idea of colored stones. Naturally, the main stone will most likely be a diamond but you can accent the rings with rubies, sapphires, or even smaller diamonds to give the ring a dash of colour and a bit more depth. Accents come in an array of shapes and sizes such as channel settings, flush settings, and prong settings.

Engagement ring idea; Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love : Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love :

Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography | Aquamarine floral shaped engagement ring


A classic solitaire setting

If your partner is more of a traditional and elegant type of person, this is the style of ring you will want to search for. For example, a classic solitaire setting is a timeless classic that never leaves the trend circuit. This type of ring puts all of the attention on the diamond due to its center cut positioning. There are no added features to the sides that take away from the main stone’s appeal.

Classic solitaire engagement ring: Choosing an #engagementring for the one you love : Classic princess cut solitaire diamond engagement ring:

Classic solitaire engagement ring | Elizabeth Fogarty Photography via stylemepretty | Bethany Erin Photography


So many gorgeous styles, right? Which one is your favourite? Which one you will pick for her? I love the 3rd engagement ring, they’re so unique.

When you finally decide on the right engagement ring, prepare to watch her face light up in surprise, contentment, and happiness when you ask, “Will you marry me?”

If you have any tips for engagement rings, don’t forget to leave them in the comments below.

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    I like that you explained the different engagement ring designs and what personalities they match, such as a higher set diamond shows that you have an outgoing personality. If you choose one that goes with who you are, it could help you enjoy it and help it work with your style. When you’re choosing a designer engagement ring, you’d probably want to look at different stores so that you’ll have a large variety of options to choose from.

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