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If you’re more dreamy and want a romantic fall wedding, you should know that Pantone has announced this Fall’s top 10 colors! This year’s colors are more neutral – they perfectly match both for women and men! So, if you’re a little boyish, this year is definitely your year! You can choose from a large range of natural and neutral colors – Dried Herb, Marsala, Biscay Bay, Reflecting Pond, Desert Sage, Stormy Weather, Oak Buff, Cashmere Rose, Amethyst Orchid and Cadmium Orange.

Pantone Colors Top 10 for Fall 2015 |


Reflecting Pond Wedding Color – Pantone Color Fall 2015

If you’re a fan of Zen colors and stuff just like I am, you would choose “Reflecting Pond. Although at a first glance it seems more appropriate for a male bachelor party, Reflecting Pond is the ideal choice if you want a more conservative and elegant wedding. It’s more than perfect for all those small details which make our wedding to be a unique and exquisite one like wedding menu, invitations, name cards, accessories, groom’s suit and bridesmaids’ gowns. Reflecting Pond is the color of deep and meditative eyes, of insurgent sea. It reminds me of nights and romantic dinners at candle lights. Probably because our wedding night should be the most amazing, romantic night of our lives. I would probably match this gown color with red and white roses for a more classic and elegant effect, but it’s not necessarily a rule.

Reflecting Pond Wedding Colors - Pantone Color Fall 2015


Cashmere Rose Wedding Color – Pantone Color Fall 2015

Another beautiful color that I want to talk about is “Cashmere Rose“. This one is a girlish colour and it reminds me of beautiful early autumn sunsets and of peony. I can easily imagine peonies all over the wedding – bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets and wreaths, tables decorated with peony petals, garlands, an outdoor altar decorated with peony, clothing accessories and so on. I already feel the stunning smell of peonies mixed with patchouli and fruit of passion. It would be a dream of pink or, for some, too pink to be true!

Cashmere Rose is the colour of warm feelings, tender gestures, friendly hugs, nice words. It’s a color which creates boundaries between people because of the intimacy that suggests. It’s not necessarily a very elegant color and definitely not a classic one, but it gives you the feeling of intimacy and warmth.

Cashmere Rose Wedding Colors - Pantone Color Fall 2015 |

This year’s fall weddings promise to be stylish and chic in neutral colors! Whether you have a Rose Cashmere, whether it’s a Reflecting Pond wedding, your wedding should be unique and special just like you!


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Images credit : Centerpices by Serena Jae photograpy  Flowers: Amy Osaba Events  | Watercolor invites with a bow by  – lemon & lavender Photography by: Bradley James Photography | Place setting Photography by | Formal Greystone Mansion Wedding,wedding Program Photography by Esther Sun | Escort Cards’s Traditionally Elegant Botanical Garden Wedding Photography by Harwell| Flower girls : Photography by The Great Romance

Double fishtail pigtails | Bridesmaid Braid hairstyle – Elegant Toile Inspired Miami Garden Wedding Katie Lopez Photography | Rustic place setting – K Robinson Photography | DIY escort cards: via stylemepretty – Photography: charlie-julie Ombre| Chalkboard inspired wedding menu – Photography: Maria Lamb | | Romantic New Year’s Eve – Photography: Cassidy Carson R | Intimate wedding inspiration in the South of France via stylemepretty – Candles Photography:  | A party without cake is just a meeting! Photography: Betsi | Nothing fancy, just love – Photography: Alea lovely

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