26 naked wedding cakes inspiration


Not a fan of frosting? These naked wedding cakes are simply perfect for you. A ‘naked’ wedding cake is a great concept for a rustic wedding & Autumn Wedding. Not to mention they’re DELICIOUS!’Naked wedding cakes have become a most recent and rapidly-growing trend in wedding cake styles. This is perfect for the “green” or simply shabby chic wedding style.

The Naked Wedding Cake is essentially where icing is only placed in between cake layers and not around the edges. This allows you to see the layers and the edges of the cake itself. It also gives you an opportunity to play around with the filling in between the layers as well. Since the filling will be the main attraction to the cake and more visible than they would be when covered with icing or fondant you can be creative! Use berries, creams, caramel, and more. Even use different flavours of cake for the layers to create a delicious and textured look. Top it off with some sprinkles of powdered sugar and you have an elegant and eclectic treat to share with your guests.

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