1920s Wedding Theme { Gold and Plum wedding colours }


A 1920s wedding theme is a great way to add a fun twist to your wedding. Plus, it lends itself to a lot of variations, depending on your own personal style and taste. For example, your color palette can go in several different directions, like classic art deco black and gold, or Hollywood 20s glam red, white and black.

Here, we’re taking a look at Sophia and Bobby’s use of plum and gold to set the tone of their 1920s wedding theme event. Utilizing a few key props and decorative features wisely will add to the themed ambience for your special day. For example, using an old theater as a venue will allow you to take advantage of the Hollywood glam surroundings, even the marquee outside to set the tone as soon as guests walk through the door. Having bare light bulbs throughout can continue the theme. Or, use an old, bare warehouse or abandoned restaurant to give the feeling of a speakeasy and let your guests run wild with creativity in their dress – from flambuoyant flappers to Hollywood-glam celebrities! Or, keep the theme more subtle with a few touches of antique decoration and a bridal gown in a classic sheath silhouette. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast and create a wedding to remember!

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Giant letters : Emma Case  | Groom suit : Paul Smith + Wedding dress : Dentelle by Jenny Packham : emmacasephotography | Table name : villasiena | Wedding Venue : Jess + Nate Studios | Wedding Reception : Jerry Yoon Photographers

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