10 Timeless beauty unique engagement rings from Knox Jewelers


Original and finely crafted”—that’s what our friends at Knox Jewelers promise, and we are thrilled to show you 10 Timeless beauty unique engagement rings: they deliver. Through incredible attention to intricate design, these rings transcend everyday jewelry and enter into a realm of timelessness. Let’s dive in!

Micro Pavé Engagement Rings – Romanza

Surrounded by a tantalizingly detailed clipped-corner micro pavé halo, this ring’s breathtaking design centers around its 1.5-carat round brilliant cut diamond. Alluring hand-made filigree adorns the center basket, and the design can be adapted for any type, shape, or size of center stone. $3,990

10 Unique engagement rings | Micro Pavé Engagement Rings | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood


Filigree Engagement Rings – Classic Filigree

Defined by simple, clean lines, this solitaire features a 1-carat round brilliant cut diamond in a cathedral setting. The handcrafted filigree under the center stone and shoulders of the reverse tapered band provide a stunning side view—elegance without gaudiness. Adapt this design for any center stone. $1,590

10 Unique engagement rings | Filigree Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Halo Engagement Rings – Design 3058

The delightful charm of this design springs from the surprise diamonds accenting the four prongs of its exquisitely haloed 1.2-carat round brilliant cut center. Its milgrain band set with detailed stones serve to complete the ring. This design can be crafted to fit any center stone. $2,890

10 Unique engagement rings | Halo Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Solitaire Engagement Rings – Antique Solitaire

Simplicity is the key in capturing the old-world charm in this ring. An eight-prong, vintage detailed crown creates a romantic outline for the centerpiece, around which the delicate band narrows to accentuate the classic diamond shape. Customize this design to fit any center stone. $990

10 Unique engagement rings | Solitaire Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Sapphire Engagement Rings – Design 3299

This design’s diamond-adorned basket, which holds its 2.4-carat cushion cut morganite and provides a low-set diamond halo around the sunrise-tinged stone, speaks of simple luxuries, of the beauties of the married life to come. This design can be made to fit any stone. $3,690

10 Unique engagement rings | Sapphire Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Sapphire Engagement Rings – Cenote

The filigree curls in the windows of this design set the whole ring into a class of its own. Its forest green 1.5-carat sapphire sits four prong halo setting with an air of grace, and micro pavé diamond accents couple with the hand engraving and milgrain on the band to complete the radiance. Modify this design to fit any center stone. $4,490

10 Unique engagement rings | Sapphire Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Antique Engagement Ring – Design 3095

Divinely detailed half-moons accented with micro-pavé diamonds fill this ring’s unique square, clipped corner halo—all to highlight its 1.3-carat round midnight-blue sapphire. Bead-set stones continue down the band to create a perfectly patterned profile view. This design can be created for any center stone. $4,990

10 Unique engagement rings | Antique Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Antique engagement ring – Asscher Art Deco

Asscher Art Deco stays true to its era with its bold shapes and historical style. The embellishments of micro pavé diamonds paired with its octagonal halo and rectangular side rails serve to set this ring apart as more than just a ring. Its smooth bezel borders and 0.75-carat asscher cut showcase the mirrored staircase facets of the linear design. This piece of art can be customized to fit any center stone. $2,790

10 Unique engagement rings | Antique Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Contemporary Engagement Ring – Imperial

The Imperial’s dramatic statement comes from the high mounting of its 1-carat emerald cut center stone. The contoured swoop of its cathedral band and the luster of the white gold band give the effect that the diamond seems to stretch out into infinity. This design can be made for any center stone.$1,290

10 Unique engagement rings | Contemporary Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Split Shank Engagement Ring – Bianca

And last engagement ring but not least is my favorite! A split shank, micro pavé band and purely focused center stone gives this ring a truly timeless dance. The diamond’s four-pronged setting dresses it perfectly: in nothing but its own splendor. The design’s split band further accentuates the detail, holding the stone like a pair of perfect lips. Customize this design to any center stone. $1,990

10 Unique engagement rings | Split Shank Engagement Ring | Knox Jewelers | Fab Mood

Be inspired by this stunning collection of rings. Their variety and inventiveness go a long way to show the latest and best in the beautiful artistry of jewelers. We hope you enjoyed the list!

Pop over to the Knox Jewelers  we promise you’ll leave thoroughly inspired to celebrate your love each and every day.

Which one is your favorite? Feel free to let us know in the comment box.

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  1. says: Joni

    That split shank Bianca and 3058 Halo is gorgeous. If my boyfriend popped the question with one of those, it’s a guaranteed YES!! Well, ok I will still say yes regardless. But a girl can dream can’t she?

  2. says: Stylish wedding blog

    These are lovely! I think Halo is reasonable price + gorgeous and is always my all time favorite

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    When we had to pick which one,It was hard to choose among 1000s gorgeous rings from Knox Jewelers. The possibilities are endless! When we discovered we found Knox Jewelers has good prices and outstanding quality.

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