Rose blush gold wedding theme & mismatched bridesmaid dresses



Selecting your wedding colours is a most important and special part of your wedding planning. Colour themes are based on a number of factors including the couples preferences, of course, and also the time of year the wedding will take place, whether the wedding is formal or casual, and if it will be indoors or outdoors all play a part in the colour choices you make.

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Rose gold is becoming a favourite choice due to its feminine and timeless appeal. I pair together rose blush gold wedding theme, they just happen to pair amazingly together, is such a sweet, feminine, and classy look. Blush and gold are two of the most beloved colors for weddings,and together they are twice as nice, you can really do a lot with this colour duo.

Why not try adding a bit of your colour to your dress in the way of a sash at the waist or just a large bow with the ribbon floating down the back at your waist are lovely touches or blush coloured wedding dress. Also, how about a lovely pair of rose gold wedding shoes peeking out from under your dress. For your bridesmaids, they would look great in the rose gold colour or mismatched blush and rose gold bridesmaid’s dresses and pair with blush flowers to match. For the reception, choose rose gold for main decor like this giant ” LOVE” sign  ( see more from Casablanca Wedding Dress for a Shabby chic wedding with blush and champagne colours ) and use the other as an accent. You need not use both equally.

Image credits : Bridesmaids : Jessica Lorren Photography  | Wedding reception : SMS Photography | Miss Dior and earring : Edyta Szyszlo via 100 layercake | Rose Gold Champagne : Kristyn Hogan | Beautiful outdoor wedding reception with LOVE Marquee lights : Casablanca Wedding Dress for a Shabby chic wedding with blush and champagne colours by  Lauren Scotti Photography


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