Pink and Turquoise Wedding colors palette


Summer weddings call for bright and festive colors and accents. Sometimes you can take your cue from current fashions and come up with some great inspirations. One of the freshest looks for weddings this year is the very stylish pink and turquoise wedding colors.

There are as you know many things that make me fall head over heels in love with a summer wedding. I like all themes, all styles, all colours especially bright colours for beach wedding like pink and turquoise! I’ve been obsessed with a pink and turquoise wedding colors schemes for a while, so that was our starting point. Pink and Turquoise are bright and pretty colors, but they are also surprisingly versatile as a wedding color scheme. Turquoise radiates peace and tranquility with uplifting energy. It is one of the most brilliant colors. You can use a soft pink or hot pink, depending on the look. Today’s palette I’m using different shades of pink to create sweet romance and modern look.

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