Blush Pink Garden Wedding



Celebrating the most important day of your life in an outdoor wedding and reception affords you with opportunities an indoor wedding cannot, especially if you have a beautiful garden. With a little hard work and some help from Mother Nature, your wedding can be as beautiful as the one in your dreams. Today’s post is a special garden wedding palette packed with all the pretty!

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  • Most weddings have up to a year of preparation time so plan your garden accordingly. Cover less desirable areas with wildflowers; which are inexpensive and will grow in shade or sun. This will keep your guests out of trouble spots and children can be occupied by making bouquets from these as they are easily replaced.
  • Having your reception out door saves your budget on food as you grill for hungry guests. For larger weddings, have several grills set up and dedicate one to children’s favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs. Volunteers from friends or family can cook or you can hire professional grillers for your reception. This is less expensive than you would think and much less expensive than having the entire reception catered. You will afford your guests freshly cooked food, right off the grill.


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