Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour for Vintage Wedding Theme



The nostalgia of times past can often make for a reminiscent and melancholy vibe that adds romance to special occasions. As such, it’s no mystery why vintage weddings are so appealing. If your big day is looking to help old styles make a comeback, and you plan to hold the ceremony in an old church, library, or museum, a vintage-themed wedding might be right for you. To go with the throwback, we suggest a colour scheme of enchanting emerald shades paired with the antique royalty of gold.

Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour for Vintage Wedding Theme | fabmood.com

Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour for Vintage Wedding Theme

Bride : A lacey wedding dress would be a perfect choice for the bride. During the ceremony, the bride’s hair can be arranged in an updo supported by antique-themed hair pins or similar heirloom accessories. This can then be switched up by removing the pins and allowing the bride’s beautiful locks to flow freely during the reception. She can also don green shoes and accessories to add a pop of colour to her otherwise pure white appearance.


Similarly, the bridesmaids can have their hair arranged up or down interchangeably so every gorgeous girl has their own look. Their dresses can be in different shades of gold for some mix-and-match fun. Alternatively, these lovely ladies can wear a mix of green and gold respectively, allowing them to truly fit the theme of the ceremony.

bridesmaids in pink for vintage wedding theme Green and gold: http://www.stylemepretty.com/washington-dc-weddings/2015/05/16/gold-green-washington-dc-wedding/ | Photography: Adam Barnes - http://adambarnes.com/:

Groom and Groomsmen

Meanwhile, the dapper groom and his groomsmen bring it back to basics with simple black tuxedos. Their ties or bowties can be a mix of green and gold in order to put a spin on the delightfully classic look and exude a vintage feel.

Wedding decoration

If you’re holding your wedding reception in a museum or library, the reception décor will need to emanate enough light to make up for the natural dim setting of the chosen venue. Opt for a mix string lights or fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and candles to rest upon the tables in order to bring illumination to the occasion. Big letter mini-statues and other decorations can add some spice and flare to the location. Aim for a cozy setup!

Emerald and Gold Wedding Cake

Finally, for the wedding cake, have it overlaid with ombre emerald fondant that progresses from light sprinkles of mint shades to deep, dark velvet green tones for a treat that looks almost too good to eat! You could also decide to have the emerald icing mixed in with gold to really bring out that vintage vibe or gold wedding cake topper.

Emerald and gold wedding cake  Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour for Vintage Wedding Theme - Gold Wedding Cake Topper


Groomsmen : kellydillonphoto | Shoes :  onelove photography | Messy bridesmaid half up : Jeff Brummett Visuals | Wedding Reception : Clean Plate Pictures | Bride : Rebecca Arthurs Photography | Wedding cake : amazingcakeideas.com | Candlelit bride & groom sweetheart table : Readyluck Photgography | bridesmaid dresses : adriannapapell.com | bridesmaids in pink : Catherine Guidry Photography | Gold and green bridesmaids : adambarnes.com | Emerald and gold wedding cake : amandawatsonphoto.com | Cake with gold wedding cake topper : Brosnan Photographic


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