Mismatched blue bridesmaid dresses for a blue wedding theme + garden wedding ideas



Garden weddings are the epitome of sweet, romantic, and demure. Whether you’re hosting your big day in spring, summer, or early autumn, you can be sure that a garden wedding will be fraught with delight. What better way to colour this lyrical, endearing ceremony than to overlay it with shades of blue? Classic, tranquil, and pleasing to the eye, shades of blue can range from bright, outstanding sheens to duller, calmer tones. Here’s our guide to a blue-themed wedding!

Mismatched blue bridesmaid dresses for a blue wedding theme + garden wedding ideas | fabmood.com

Blue wedding theme Ideas + The Bride

The bride’s big day can necessitate a high-fashion look. We suggest a two-piece wedding dress of alluring lace and soft chiffon in traditional white. To adhere to the blue theme, blue wedding shoes can be the perfect finishing touch to the bride’s apparel, adding a tiny twist to the standard white getup. Her bouquet of flowers can get in on the fun too, with a combination of elegant white and blue floral selections. There’s no way anyone will be able to take her eyes off her!

Two-piece wedding dress | fabmood.com Gorgeous two-piece lace and chiffon dress

The Groom and Groomsmen

Now, on to the groom! A yale blue or dark blue suit backed by a white shirt and a carolina blue bow tie can make for a truly dapper, suave appearance that will have guests swooning. The groomsmen can participate by wearing similarly coloured suits and different types of bow ties or neckties, adding a great-looking feature to the men of the hour.

Mismatched blue bridesmaid dresses

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids can have more liberty with their outfit options. These lucky girls can pick out mismatched dresses in varying shades of blue according to what they feel suits them best. The effect of a mix-and-match posse of bridesmaids in different styles and cuts of dresses and different tones of blue is sure to make an impact on the ceremony’s aesthetics.

Wedding Decor

The reception itself doesn’t need to overdo the blue theme. One could opt for simple white tablecloth and tableware paired with elegant gold chairs, or throw those more classic ideas out the window and try some new things. The blue theme can come into play in the centrepieces of each table, perhaps with the use of mixed blue flowers or candles. However, we do know how pricey those uniquely coloured touches can get, so for a more budget friendly option, one can make use of blue glassware. Blue tablecloth is also an option that can be considered.

 blue table runner and blue napkinsPretty blue glassware

Blue wedding Car : Erich McVey Photography  see Liancarlo wedding dress | Dapper groom and his men in blue : Blue Rose Pictures  via  www.stylemepretty | bridesmaids : bridesmagazine  |  | Wedding Invitation : Erich McVey Photography  via stylemepretty  | Ring :   | Wedding Favors : Blue blankets : Heather Waraksa Photography  | Wedding Dress : Erin Jean Photography | Wedding Reception : Greg Finck Photography | Wedding Reception Jessica Lorren Photography

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