Colourful wedding Ideas Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding More Colourful



Your wedding should be something special something different from everyday, something that you’ll be able to carry around in your hearts and memories for the rest of your lives. Most brides these days like the idea of adding more colour to their wedding, but are not sure of the best way to do it. These are some ideas on quick and easy ways to add some pops of colour to really bring your wedding to life.

Colourful wedding ideas |

Colourful wedding ideas

If you are having any lounge seating at your reception, you can toss a few bright and pretty pillows onto the benches. This idea will make a big splash without costing you very much at all. Photo via Inspired By This

colourful wedding ideas


Take wedding picnics to a whole new level by marking your spot with more than a blanket. We love these ribbons draped over a large tree branch, creating a little shade and cozy spot to dine in. A small bench makes the perfect table, while cushions give hours of lounging. Photo via Poppytalk

Colourful wedding ideas |

Parasols are another colourful wedding accent that you might not have considered. Not only can they be carried by the bridesmaids or handed out to guests on a hot summer day, you can decorate with paper parasols as well. They look fantastic suspended from the ceiling of a venue, and paper parasols are also inexpensive and easy to come by in your favorite colours. Photo by Fiona Kelly Photography

Colourful parasol for wedding decoration - Colourful wedding ideas |


Polka Dot Bridesmaids

Polka Dot Bridesmaids. Photo by Matt Bowen Photography via whimsicalwonderland

Colourful 50s Vintage Wedding

Photo via Polkadotbride

Colourful wedding flowers

Colorful flowers will add a festive and cheerful flavor to your wedding. Whether you mix in a few with more classic white and pastel blossoms or go for an all out explosion of color, the bright flowers will look fabulous.

vintage aqua tin filled in with colourful wild flowers

Mixed spring/summer wild flowers in vintage aqua tin is simply stunning! Photo via Love my dress

A bright + colorful bundle of blooms:

The brightest colour-filled bouquet. Photo by: Jess Barfield via stylemepretty

Colorful bridal bouquet, boho wedding bouquet,Colourful wedding bouquet |

Photo by 100 layer cake

Pink rose sash wedding cake |

Pink rose sash wedding cake. Photo by Alyssa Marie Photography via stylemepretty

colourful wedding ideas |

Photo via Metro

Mixing and matching bright contrasting colours creates a vibrant feel to your wedding stationery. Think hot pinks and bright orange flowers or contrasting stripes. For zing and zest add touches of lime greens and bright lemon yellows. Candy stripes are an excellent way to use contrasting colours against each other. Watercolor is another great option. They also add a modern touch to your wedding theme.

watercolor wedding invitation

Photography: via stylemepretty

Table linens or runners are another area in which you can introduce your signature hue. Since the tablecloths are the largest amount of color in the reception room other than the flowers, choosing colourful linens will instantly transform the space.

Colorful spring peony wedding centerpiece

Colourful spring peony wedding centerpiece. Photo by Brett Heidebrecht Photography via stylemepretty

There are many other ways to spice up your wedding with pops of color. Think about adding a few Colourful paper lanterns to your design or colourful napkins , grooms’s colourful bowties etc.  A few easy steps like these will go a long way towards making your wedding more cheerful, fresh, and modern.

colourful wedding ideas |

Oversized Balloon with tassel streamers, large letter shapes, and unexpected arrangements (hint, a floating giraffe) created an unforgettable ambiance.  Photo by Faye Cornhill

Colourful Hanging Paper Lanterns

Colourful Hanging Paper Lanterns. Photo by Jessica Reeve Photography via rockmywedding

Fun ideas for groom and groomsmen such as colourful socks or colourful bowties.

Groomsmen footwear.:

Groomsmen footwear Vponsalewedding



Hot pink and Sunshine Orange petal pathway:

Hot pink and Sunshine Orange petal pathway Emily Crall Photography  vialemagnifiqueblog

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