Pink and Slate Blue Wedding Colours For Vintage Wedding


When thinking about the word “vintage,” what vision comes to your mind? Do you think old-fashioned and historical? How about fashionable and glamorous? What about warm and cozy? Vintage can be so many different things. Vintage can be an era, a particular piece of furniture, a memory, and even a style. What about the colours? I was thinking of Soft Spring is a definite possibility. What could beat the ultimate colour palette of pink and Slate blue? A touch of champagne , kelly green and gold will help to anchor the exuberant colour combination and make it a bit more elegant.

Blush Pink and Slate Blue Wedding Colours For Vintage Wedding | slate blue wedding ideas on

Wedding Details

Lace is one of the main ingredients. Overlays of gently hanging delicate lace over satin are truly feminine and sweet. Some designers are offering a variety of shades in champagne and rose tones. Or you can accent with a belt or sash of these antique tones to add a little splash of colour. If you like or looking for colored wedding dresses check out these  Gorgeous ethereal colored wedding dresses

This is also a great opportunity to wear gloves. Wrist length, elbow, or full length gloves can be the perfect touch depending on the style of your dress.

For the bouquets,slightly less greens, choose lush white, blush and pink rose,peonies tied up with a champagne or gold and blush ribbon. See this pretty bouquet from Barcelona destination wedding inspiration

For bridal hair : Long hair is swept up or back in a relaxed or loose style. Soft waves or hanging pieces can add texture.

For your bridesmaids,long dress in slate blue work well with blush bouquet,like in the image below I love the blush and pink against the bridesmaids gown.

Bridesmaids Bouquet - Blush Pink and Slate Blue Wedding Colours For Vintage Wedding | slate blue wedding ideas on

Invitation : Marissa Lambert Photography via stylemepretty | bridesmaid :  Charlotte Jenks Lewis via stylemepretty | Birdcage veil : Clary Pfeiffer | wedding cake : Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography | Book : Laura Ivanova Photography | bouquet &  bride : Barcelona destination wedding inspiration by Kseniya Bunets on Fab Mood

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