Bridesmaids Dresses by colour and theme that could work for different wedding motifs.


As a bride, you want your girls looking just a stunning as you want to look on your big day. You should give enough thought to the dresses you choose for the bridesmaids so they look their best and remain comfortable and confident all day long. While it is not advisable to leave all the decisions in the hands of your girl friends, you still want to hear their thoughts and try fitting your idea into theirs so everybody is happy in the end. Is it rustic chic, classic, or vintage glam? The wedding style can actually ease up things when looking at the dress options. Ensure you match the dresses with the theme. It is a good start to having a bridal party that is bright enough for the day. Check out the following bridesmaids dresses by colour and theme that could work for different wedding motifs.

Blush / Pink : The light and soft pink is also an ideal choice for many bridesmaids. You know that its shades represent sweetness and love. It can explain why Valentines Day cards have a generous touch of pink, and why wedding cakes have hear-shaped toppings in pink. When a bridesmaid is wearing pink dress, she will not steal bride’ s thunder but still can be very sweet and charming.

bridesmaids dresses by colour : blush pink bridesmaids |

Photography: Top 6 bridesmaids :  Three Nails Photography | 4 maids : Taylor Lord via stylemepretty | bridemaids with pop of colour bouquet : Lane Dittoe from pink elegant palm spring wedding | Chicago wedding Jenelle Kappe Photography via stylemepretty | 3 bridesmaids : | Bridesmaids in Joanna August blush pink gowns Cary Klein Photography via stylemepretty


Red: Red is of course a bold color and dresses made with this dye would be suitable for elegant evening weddings and its beauty can be enhanced when shorter costumes are selected.

bridesmaids dresses by colour : red bridesmaids |

Crimson bridesmaid photography by via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Scarlet Red California Wedding by Acres of Hope Photography via Modwedding | red bridesmaids : Chicvintagebrides | 8 bridesmaids :  The McCartneys Photography | bridesmaid : smp


Peach : It is such a wonderful color. So many people have fallen in love with it. For the sweet, dazzling and charming feeling, peach probably can be the best color that signifies bridesmaids. Stay in church for a month if you have enough spared time and try to count how many dresses in peach at the wedding. Peach is the most favored colors because its shade is timeless and elegant. It gives people a kind of very good feeling. Nobody could resist to smile when seeing peach bridesmaids dresses.

bridesmaids dresses by colour : peach bridesmaids dresses |

Bridesmaid : via stylemepretty | Bridesmaid Dresses:, Photography: nataliefranke via stylemepretty |  Lace bridesmaids :  | Strapless bridesmaid dresses | Peach bridesmaid sequin dress and a peach bouquet: Nancy Ray Photography via stylemepretty  |


Navy blue  : Generally these tones look nice, sophisticated and slimming on most of the women

bridesmaids dresses by colour : navy blue bridesmaids dresses |

Graham Terhune Photography  via smp | mix and match navy blue bridesmaid dresses | Photography: Kristen Kilpatrick Photography via smp | 4 bridesmaids : Kat Braman Photography |  bridesmaids + yellow bouquet : Erin McGinn | beach bridesmaids : Momoko Photography via smp


Ombre Dresses : Ombre is a very trendy concept nowadays – but it normally applies to hair colour rather than bridesmaid dresses! However, it’s a great way to get creative with your wedding party theme. Bkue ombre bridesmaids via Pinterest , Black ombre via pinterest

Sorella Vita Blue Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses:  Sorella Vita Designer Series: Ombre nightfall bridesmaid dress #Ombre #bridesmaid Available at Brandi's Bridal Galleria, etc. Visit for more info!:

Don’t be afraid to consider a seemingly over-the-top idea like this, because you can always opt to tone it down a little. For instance, instead of making your attendants wear a dress with such a striking gradient colour effect, you could opt for each girl to wear a different shade of hue that corresponds to your overall decor instead. Carefully chosen styles in complementary colours will create a lovely, muted ombre effect, especially in photos, and will allow the bride to stand out in flawless and immaculate white. The ombre effect also looks great for the procession down the aisle. But apart from the aesthetic benefit, this kind of theme will also provide you with more options when picking out a colour for the party.

Bridesmaid Dresses and Formal Gowns:  Ombre blue bridesmaids dresses

Dress by Dessy Group. Theses bridesmaids in mood blue tones striking gradient colour effect works well with white bouquet, photographed by Lauryn Galloway via stylemepretty


Ombre blush to peach bridesmaids dresses Ombre blush and pink bridesmaids dresses

This wedding was a picture-perfect with these blush, light pink ombre bridesmaids dresses, photographed by J Lucas Reyes


Roaring Twenties Dresses : Vintage will never go out of style and it’s never a bad idea as a wedding theme! There are multiple benefits to choosing vintage for your bridesmaid dresses. For starters, you can easily scout for authentic vintage finds in thrift shops as a cheaper alternative, and you don’t have to worry about everyone wearing the same style as long as they stick to the theme. Furthermore, there is an appeal in having your attendants wear dresses belonging to a specific era; it creates a more relaxed ambience, while still maintaining the coherence of your wedding theme. Image via pinterest  and Art Deco Bridesmaids 20s themed Brooklyn flapper wedding Photo by Brookelyn Photography of The Wedding Artist Collective

Vintage bridesmaid , flapper dresses.  Art Deco Bridesmaids 20s themed Brooklyn flapper wedding | Photo by Brookelyn Photography of The Wedding Artist Collective:

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