Best Bridesmaids Dresses 7 Different Ideas For a Stylish Wedding


Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Let’s get back to the fabulous world of the wedding again. Next to the bride’s wedding dress, the next thing that people notice when they are attending a wedding is the bridesmaids’ dresses. It is the duty of the bride-to-be to find the best bridesmaids dresses which will make her entourage look their best during the wedding. If you want to have a stylish wedding, here are 5 great and stylish bridesmaids’ dresses ideas that you can take a look at.

Best Bridesmaids Dresses 6 Different Ideas For a Stylish Wedding

The One-Shoulder Dress: Every bridesmaid will love this pick. This one-shoulder silhouette is a top pick amongst even the most style conscious women, as it’s trendy and versatile. This bridesmaids Dresses by BHLDN , captured by  Christine Farah Photography

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #bridesmaiddress #bridesmaid


Mix Colour and fabric that you would like all the dresses to be made out of. By deciding on one fabric you will avoid having one bridesmaid in a shiny fabric while another may have gone the route of a velvet fabric; this would certainly throw your wedding style off kilt. When it comes to colour you can opt for several different shades in your fabric choice to allow your bridesmaids to choose a colour that suits their individual complexions. I fell in love with the stunning line up of bridesmaids gowns to the perfect mixture of blush, nude and gold sequin, photo by Pinkkerton

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #bridesmaid #bridesmaiddress


Little Mix Style Having all of your bridesmaids in the same length dress will create a more uniform look even when one may have opted for a slimmer cut dress,while another may have preferred an A-line dress. Take a look at the image below I love how these bridesmaids chose a dramatic gown light blue by Amsale and simplified their hair and makeup look to complement the dress, photo by Luna de Mare.  This is the best way to allow your bridesmaid each one chooses a flattering style for their body shape.

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #bridesmaid


A-line dresses are the most common style of bridesmaids dresses. If you are going to have a wedding which is traditional and conventional, then this is the way to go. The great thing about this kind of dress is that it will look best on anyone. It flatters absolutely all types of figure or body type. I love how this wedding mix and macth white and grey bridesmaid dresses and even if the bouquets! photo by Jen Huang – Jen Huang via stylemepretty

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #bridesmaid


The taffeta material serves as a special touch with its smooth and silky texture that always adds an extra glow which add a more sophisticated and feminine touch to the dress, pink dresses by Alfred Sung , photo by Rebecca Arthurs

Photography: | Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses |

Twist Wraps. A great new trend in bridesmaid attire are twist wrap dresses. Made of matte jersey, these convertible dresses are designed so that the fabric can be wrapped in many different ways. From one basic style, you can create dresses with short sleeves, strapless, one shoulder, and more. What a great solution when your bridesmaids cannot agree on one neckline! The really neat thing about the twist wrap dresses is that they can be worn a new way each time, meaning that your bridesmaids will have a very versatile dress to wear again many times after the wedding, B-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t!

This pretty in pink twist wrap bridesmaids dresses from Two Birds, captured by Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses |

These bridesmaid dresses by Two Birds in rose gold colour plus the shiny fabrics and and all of the different twist and wraps make these bridesmaids look stunning, captured by Captured Photography by Jenny

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #twistwrap #bridesmaid

In shades of lilac, these bridesmaid dresses by Two Birds are perfect for Spring or Summer wedding, captured by samanthawardphotography I love the baby’s breath bouquets!

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #twistwrap #bridesmaid


Slinky dresses show the sexy and more sophisticated side of your bridesmaids. A word of caution though, not everyone will look their best in a slinky dress so you have to think carefully and consider all things before you decide on this one. This stunning slinky dresses photographed by savvyphotograph

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #bridesmaid


A formal bridesmaid dress can be just as chic and stylish as one for a more relaxed wedding. They are not the big poufy dresses that bridesmaids had to wear to evening weddings in the past. The styles of formal bridesmaid dresses these days are slim and chic. For a black tie wedding, your attendants can wear floor length slinky dresses, but they can still be very current and sophisticated. This black dresses photographed by Jose Villa via stylemepretty

Photography: | Best Bridesmaids Dresses - twist wrap dresses | #bridesmaids


Short dresses  If you are having a wedding in an informal place, you might have this style of bridesmaids dresses. Also, if your wedding is during summer, this length is best for your bridesmaids, photo by Brumley and Wells via stylempretty

blush bridesmaids | mix and match bridesmaids dresses| brumley and wells photography | best bridesmaid dress |

Whatever it is that you will choose for your bridesmaids, the most important thing is that their individuality can still shine through regardless of the fact that they’re wearing the same dresses.

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