Jenny Yoo 2015 gives us an example of how simplicity beautifies


If I could have chosen where I was born, I would have definitely chosen Greece. For me, Greece is the land of warm summers, perfectly tanned skin, green olives and sweet ambrosia. And now I’m smiling. It’s a large smile because I’ve always imagined myself getting married on a sunny Greek beach with turquoise water and heated sand.

I think the word “greek” was invented for Jenny Yoo’s 2015 Collection. Her dresses look like as if they breathe the Greek sea air. For this collection, the designer has chosen natural fabrics like silk, satin. The gowns seem to cover your bare shoulders in a tender hug.

For me, her dresses are completing my image about my own wedding. I adore this pretty off the shoulder wedding dress. I could easily imagine myself wearing one of these gowns. The bouquet of olive and green leaves would perfectly complete the this dress. I can already feel the breeze on my face!

Jenny Yoo Bridal 2015 Collection | fabmood.comJenny Yoo Bridal 2015 Collection |


If you want something a bit more sophisticated, you can add some fine embroidery on a soft lace on the upper side of the dress, just like this one. The color of honey matches with tanned skin and natural make-up.

Jenny Yoo2015 Collection |

And if you really want to amaze, I recommend you this beautiful dress with the back cut in the shape of diamond. The delicate print of lace and the color of ivory are meant to make you the most beautiful bride of 2015. The bun in loose curls and rebel locks would complete your elegant and sophisticated look.

Jenny Yoo Bridal 2015 Collection |

Pretty Bridesmaids in Jenny Yoo 2015 collection

Jenny Yoo’s 2015 collection doesn’t neglect bridesmaids’ gowns. Natural fabrics and colors are her 2015 favorites – silk, satin and a little of airy veil in pale pink or purple, beige or light golden, and sallow brown colors. Exposed shoulders, loose and wide skirts, no jewelry attached are a must of this year collection.

Jenny Yoo bridesmaids 2015 Collection | fabmood.comJenny Yoo bridesmaids 2015 Collection |  Jenny Yoo bridesmaids 2015 Collection | fabmood.comJenny Yoo bridesmaids 2015 Collection |  Jenny Yoo bridesmaids 2015 Collection | fabmood.comJenny Yoo bridesmaids 2015 Collection |

This time, Jenny Yoo gives us an example of how simplicity beautifies. Her dresses are unique and fresh as a perfect wedding day and all sorts of pretty…Head over heels here at Jenny Yoo today to start falling in love with pretty collection.

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Photography: Caroline Tran Photographer – Caroline Tran Bridal Gowns: Jenny Yoo

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