21 Neutral Bridesmaids, Bridal Party wearing neutral


Hello Ladies, Today neutral brides gonna love me because i’m talking about neutral bridesmaids dresses. Who needs another fuchsia taffeta dress hanging in the back of her closet? Not your bridesmaids!

One of the most chic neutrals right now is grey. It might sound bland at first, but a nice medium grey in a stylish cut can actually work very well for a bridesmaid dress. The key is how you accessories it. For an evening wedding, pair a long one shoulder grey dress with dramatic accents in your wedding colours. You can have bridesmaid jewelry custom made as gifts for your attendants in your wedding colours, such as hot pink crystal chandelier earrings. Many, many other colours work beautifully with grey, from rich red to regal purple to bright canary yellow. That is the beauty of a neutral colour such as grey; it is all what you want to make of it.

Light colours like almond and cream are increasingly popular for bridesmaid dresses. They can look very soft and ethereal, and are certainly easy for your friends to wear again in the future. Two other neutral bridesmaids are soft brown & soft pink.

You can either choose to have each attendant wear the same dress, or choose different ones. For example, you could have each bridesmaid choose a sand colored dress in a different style and fabric, such as satin or organza. Or, for another option, consider having each attendant wear the same gown, but each in a slightly different neutral shade, like an ivory, tan, and a beige. The look neutral bridesmaids will be very pretty when they are seen together.

Neutral Bridesmaids

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