Pantone Potter’s Clay { Pantone color fall 2016 }



No.9 in Top 10 Pantone fall 2016Pantone Potter’s Clay”.  Elements of russet Orange in its undertones, gives a grounded feeling that’s anything but flat. Potter’s Clay has an added degree of sophistication and layering. Combine the Potter’s clay shades for an autumn wedding. Mustard yellow and Burnt orange would be an excellent place to start. Hints of the mustard yellow could be layered in for a rich effect. It is easy to picture this vivid and cheerful colour palette being used for an outdoor wedding in a garden or a tent.

Pantone Potter's Clay { Pantone color fall 2016 }

Pantone Potter’s Clay Combined with Mustard

  • Bridesmaid dresses in a brown potter’s clay could be very nice and wear mustard shawl or other way round.
  • Desserts : Donuts, scones, homemade mini pies and bite-sized brownies that can be handheld make for a wonderful sweets table and don’t forget coffee and hot cocoa can be served with those.
  • Wedding cake : When it comes to your wedding cake the “naked cake or semi naked wedding cake”  { check out these 24 semi naked wedding cakes } drizzled with dripping icing sugar or salted caramel would be great for autumn wedding.

Another gorgeous colour combination to pair with Potter’s clay would be shades of neutral and gold shimmery. The brown potter’s clay and gold contrast very nicely with each other and neutral would help to soft both colours and make it look more cosier.

Have fun mixing and matching the fresh new hues to find the combination that really speaks to you. When you use the latest colours, you can be assured that your wedding will look updated and pretty.


Wedding Table decoration : Ashley Dru photography | Bridesmaid : | Blanket : | Sparkly gold Shoes :


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