Burgundy and Dark Teal Bedroom with Gold Details

Burgundy and Dark Teal Bedroom Colour Scheme

Burgundy and Stormy Colour Scheme For Bedroom : The right bedroom colours will make your room feel like a retreat from the rest of the world. You’ll want to choose tones that are relaxing to create a space that you can actually sleep and wake up with energy and positive for the next morning. Choose a calming colour, which will allow you to relax, for the walls. Some people like to have accent colours and if this is what is most suitable to you and your personality, go for it. Burgundy and Stormy Colours { Dark grey, Dark Teal and Smokey } are great colours for a bedroom who love dark tones, especially when paired with gold colour. These colours go well with modern furniture as well. Take a look at the sample in our bedroom colour palette below.

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Stylish Bedroom 

This beautiful bedroom photo by photographee.eu via depositphotos.

burgundy and navy blue bedroom, burgundy bedroom color scheme

Burgundy and Dark Teal Colour Hex

The ideal way to give flair and impact to a small room is to apply colour correctly and use a decor theme. There are many different types of bedroom paint colors from which you can choose. However, everyone has a particular style and taste and choose paint colours according to the colour that they like the most. The most soothing hues tend to be blues.

burgundy and stormy color hex, burgundy and dark teal color hex, burgundy and teal color combo

Gradient Palette

burgundy and stormy color hex, burgundy and dark teal color hex, burgundy and teal color combo

Colour Described As Names

Wall Paint Colour Ideas

1. Preference Red

red paint, red colour

A deep, rich red : The deepest and richest of our reds, this Baroque colour is named in honor of our original trade name, Preference Paints. It can be used with any of the Red Based Neutrals but is particularly striking when seen in combination with Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink. The preferred red of modern homes!

Link : https://www.farrow-ball.com/en-gb/paint-colours/preference-red

2. Red

red paint, red colour

Roger Red : This warm and luxurious red will add depth and intrigue to any space. Affectionately named after Roger Graham, son of founder Harold Graham, this gorgeous colour can be used with warm neutrals for a comforting interior however when paired with deep blues, it will create an opulent feel.

Link : https://www.grahambrown.com/uk/roger-red-matt-emulsion-2.5l/CT-090-013-107038.html


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