Prussian Blue Bedroom

If you’re looking to refresh your bedroom with a calming colour, consider dark blue hues. These shades of Prussian creates a clean and modern spaces, perfect who love monochromatic look. Tailor the shades to a style you love then get creative layering textures, mixing designs and combining different furniture styles but stick to the same color theme.

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Serene yet stunning, dark but dramatic. Navy Blue 100% Linen Bedding collection brings the majesty of midnight skies to your bedroom. All set from Secret Linen Store

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Wall Paint Color Ideas

1. Barnaby Paint

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Barnaby Paint : Try “Barnaby Paint” from Graham & Brown – Rich and inviting, this inky shade can feel contemporary within well lit rooms. Barnaby is perfect accessorised with rose gold metallics.

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2. Rich mid blue

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Rich mid blue : Try “Brave” from Graham Brown – Brave is the perfect, rich, mid blue which will pair with many Graham and Brown wallpaper designs. With red pigments, Brave appears bluer than Contrast. This inky navy is ideal for creating a contemporary haven by being styled with copper accessories.

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3. Dark Blue

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Dark blue: Try “Rhapsody Resistance Ultra Matte” from Graham Brown – Rhapsody, meaning effusively enthusiastic, is a rich deep navy blue that will create the perfect modern backdrop when styled with copper accessories. When used in large, open spaces, Rhapsody works well in period homes.

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