Gingham and Rose Pink Bedroom

Gingham and Rose Pink Bedroom

Pink Gingham and Rose Pink Bedroom : What do you think of muted green industrial bedroom in the previous post. This bedroom in this post is totally different look and tones. Here we have a feminine and romance bedroom in pink gingham and rose pink bedroom colour scheme. A touch of colour can transform the most subtle, plain looking bedroom into a cozy, pleasing to the eye room. A soft and feminine feeling can be achieved by using soft coloured  for the walls. Quilt , Duvet and Throw pillows of the same colour can be added for a greater effect.

The bedroom is a room when you can really go to town on style, where you can add your personality to a room and reflect exactly what you want your personal space to say. Your bedroom decor can be full of glamour or country charm, boutique hotel, or you can even go for the industrial look and feel. Colours on the walls, duvet, throw and in the carpet can be carried through with accessories like plants, throws, and chairs. For a feeling of peace and calmness, the walls, ceiling and carpet should be light colour, such as rose pink, pastel colours complimented with brighter colours with dark trim for curtains and upholstery.

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Stylish bedroom

This bed linen collection is woven from a blend of cotton and linen yarns, giving you the best of both sleep ingredients.  And this Mabel 100% Linen in pink and white checked glory set from Secret Linen Store Photo by timyoungphotographer

There’s no better sight than the bedroom of dreams at the end of a long day. There really is nothing better than a great night’s sleep. If you’re looking for the best range of luxuriously and ridiculously comfy bed linen , throws, cushions, and more, pop into any of Secret Linen Store ‘s showrooms or order online from their website Secret Linen Store.

Rose Pink Colour Hex

One thing to remember is that you use a bedroom primarily to sleep. Therefore using bright colours in your bedroom are not recommended. One should select a colour which will impart a sense of intimacy and serenity. Moreover, using a light colour makes the room appear more spacious and relaxing.

Bedroom colour schemes also include bedding set and all furniture in your bedroom as well. They should match with the design of your bedroom. Start from bedroom walls, then pick bedding set and other things which go along with the colour. You can either decide to contrast the whole thing up or mix and then create a match.

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Colour Described As Names

Rose Pink Gradient Colour Palette

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Wall Paint Colour Ideas

If you’re looking for the right paint colours similar to colour palette above? Here are paint colour ideas.

1. Posie Paint

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Posie Paint : First recorded in 1570, Posie, meaning flower or bouquet perfectly describes this fresh, fun and floral pink. This contemporary pink will create a light and airy atmosphere wherever it is used.

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2. Middleton Pink

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The prettiest and most delicate pink was named after the discerning colourist, Catherine Middleton. This light pastel tone is fresh and uncomplicated, especially when contrasted with All White for a gently playful feel. Try pairing our Middleton Pink with Great White for a slightly cleaner urban finish.

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3. Pink Ground

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This dusty pink started out as a delicate wallpaper background which was often requested as a paint colour. Pink Ground, with its large dose of yellow pigment, now creates the softest blush of colour for a warm and soothing finish that doesn’t feel sugary. Rather than contrasting with a bright white, try pairing with the warmer shade of Great White on the woodwork for a unique look in your home.

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4. Calamine

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Delicate pink with a touch of grey – Calamine is indeed named after the lotion we all used as children to soothe nettle stings and rashes! A light touch of grey prevents this subtle pink from being too sugary, giving a much fresher finish. In smaller rooms it becomes intense, but in larger well lit rooms it feels much more delicate.

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