Brick Red and Dusty Blue Bedroom Color Scheme

Brick Red and Dusty Blue Bedroom Color Scheme

Brick red and dusty blue color palette : The right bedroom colours will make your room feel like a retreat from the rest of the world. You’ll want to choose tones that are relaxing to create a space that you can actually sleep and wake up with energy and positive for the next morning. Choose a calming colour, which will allow you to relax, for the walls. Some people like to have accent colours and if this is what is most suitable to you and your personality, go for it. If you like dark colours, check out this muted grey plum bedroom below.

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Stylish Bedroom 

This beautiful bedroom photo by via depositphotos.

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Brick & Dusty Blue Colour Hex

The ideal way to give flair and impact to a small room is to apply colour correctly and use a decor theme. There are many different types of bedroom paint colors from which you can choose. However, everyone has a particular style and taste and choose paint colours according to the colour that they like the most.

Bedroom colour schemes also include bedding set and all furniture in your bedroom as well. They should match with the design of your bedroom. Start from bedroom walls, then pick bedding set and other things which go along with the colour. You can either decide to contrast the whole thing up or mix and then create a match.

Gradient Palette

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Colour Described As Names

Wall Paint Colour Ideas

1. Alanna Paint

light grey paint

Grey : With red undertone and blue pigments, this light airy shade is ideal for adding a tone which will compliment any scheme. Alanna derived from the Old High German word for ‘precious’, which suits this delicate tone perfectly. This tone has a slight grey in it, making it ideal for pairing with many Graham and Brown exclusive wallpapers.

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2. Barker Grey Paint

mid grey paint, grey paint

Grey : Understated, mid grey of Barker Grey is effortless and elegant. Creating a calming, crisp finish, Barker grey exudes a modern atmosphere..

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