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Imagine a wedding! You look across the table and see the mother of the bride drinking from an exquisite Rochambeau wine glass, leaning across the table for a vintage wine carafe. The light glistens a moody burgundy colour as the wine laps at the glass, and you wonder whether the theme of the wedding was meant to be ‘magic.’ You track down the bride to ask her how she did all of this, and she puts down her Old Paris silver fork and knife, smiles, and writes something on a cocktail napkin

Now imagine a completely different party. The atmosphere exudes youthful exuberance and laughter flits about the room, as sharp-dressed young men and women rest their drinks on sturdily crafted tables. You head for the bar and the bartender serves you an expertly made old-fashioned in a perfectly-crafted comet tumbler. You overhear the hostess talking to a friend about the Mediterranean Breeze buffet package, and how the candlelight, Vesuvius bowls, and wooden placemats sets the mood perfectly for the end of summer. You think to ask her how she put all of this together, how she built the perfect party from the ground up in what used to be an empty back yard. But, of course, you already know the answer: She used Options.

The company specializes in the hiring of material for receptions, ephemeral decorations and themed decorations. 2,500 tableware products are available for hire, including crockery, cutlery, glasses and various decorative objects. Items of reception furniture and office equipment are also available.

Options is not a misnomer. Nor is it an exaggeration. These folks have countless articles for hire, ranging from tableware and cocktail crockery to tables, tablecloths, and kitchen equipment. Looking for a low key night with friends? Hire a coffee maker or a samovar!

Looking for the complete upscale experience to impress your coworkers? Hire hotel outfits for your serving staff. The list of (pardon the word choice) options, goes on and on and on, ensuring that your event, no matter what size, is expertly appointed. They even have a wealth of decorations to chose from, to ensure, for instance, that your daughter’s princess-themed birthday is lacking in no royal touches. Or that your parents’ retirement dinner reflects an elegance befitting of a life well lived (think, perhaps, pistachio green chintz table cloths with club weave place mats). From weddings and birthdays to intimate gatherings of friends and family, option hire is your one stop source for crafting the party you deserve.

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