Signature Wedding Drinks How do you start and what are the ideas?


Your wedding is a big day and planning everything can have your life in complete. You want everything to be just perfect. You want the perfect wedding dress, gorgeous flowers, the great tasting cake, and the amazing DJ. You want to have the wedding that all of your family and friends will be raving about for years to come. To accomplish this you need to add those little details that make your wedding stand out. You need something fun and unique to add to your wedding.

I have a fun idea that can add something special to your wedding. My idea is to have a signature wedding drink.  A Signature Wedding Drink is just such a unique and fun idea and at the same time save some of the precious money you are seeing fly out the window! It’s a great way to streamline your drinks bill!

How do you start and what are the ideas?

A Signature Wedding Drink should tell a story. It should say something about you as a couple or about your tastes, future plans or goals.  You are what you drink, especially at your wedding, so tailor the spirits to reflect your spirit. If you are thinking about having your own signature wedding drinks. How do you start and what are the ideas? Well! here are a few ideas to lead the way.

Start Signature Wedding Drinks with your wedding theme

You can choose a colour that coordinates with your wedding theme,or wedding dresses or flowers. If yours is a country wedding, fully equipped apples and gingham, make yours a green apple sour with real apple slices,or apple blackberry. Perhaps it is a tropical wedding–serve Blue Hawaiians garnished with fresh pineapple and rimmed with coconut. Or Garnish your wedding signature cocktails with those fun watercolor-flag drink stirrers.

Apple & Blackberry Signature-drinks | Lemonade and raspberry + watercolor-flag drink stirrers |

Apple & Blackberry photo by | 4th july flags : brides

Season inspired

A summer wedding might try lemonade as a starting place. Another idea is to create a frozen slush, you can use your favorite fruits such as watermelon cooler slushies ( image below ) perfect for hot summer weddings. The idea is to think outside the box! Fall brings to mind peaches, apples, pears and other fruit. Fabulous idea that you can try a spiced apple cider champagne cocktail ( image below ). Also, pumpkin, cloves, nutmeg and other spices might be ideas for weddings around the October and November time frame. Mint, candy cane and chocolate might be appropriate around the winter holiday time.

Watermelon cooler slushies | #signaturedrinks A spiced apple cider champagne cocktail | #signaturedrinks

Photo via brides

Pick a base spirit

The next step is to pick a base spirit. This can be literally anything. Most couples have their favorites and choose among them but be sure that it is not something that your guests will object to. Part of the fun of offering your signature drink to your guests is that you know them and probably know some of their preferences.

His & hers cocktails: | #signaturedrinks

His & hers cocktails : via stylemepretty

Serve it in a unique glass

A way to create a memorable experience for your guests, serve it in a unique glass; something that is different than the other drinks that you are offering. I have a perfect sample that I found this idea, photographed by Alders Photography via style me pretty and I’m absolutely falling head over heels in love with this adorable “perfect chemistry” themed bridal shower! Serve signature drinks in the beakers and test tubes just put it over the top. How sweet! I love the creative theme and how they carried it through everything!

Signature wedding drinks , #signaturedrinks


Signature drinks serve in coconut shell or pineapple

signature drinks in coconut shell | #signaturedrinks signature drinks in pineapple | #signaturedrinks

Coconut shell : Feather + Stone photography | Pineapple : Bright and beautiful

Once you have finalized your signature drink, write a story about it to make it personal. Tell about how you choose the ingredients or theme. Tell them about your taste testing and experimenting. Include the recipe so your guests can reproduce it at home.

Finally, a signature drink can save a lot of money. First, if it is your only alcoholic drink you can save the cost of an open bar. If it is simple or if it can be mixed ahead of time, you can save by having a less experienced (think less expensive) bar tender! Also, use the “well” or house spirits to avoid the cost of premium bottles. It is also likely that the venue will be able to offer a signature drink at a less costly price, as it requires less set-up time for the bartender. And here some more signature wedding drinks. Keep guests cool and refreshed with these drinks.

11 Signature wedding drinks

Sparkling blueberry lemonade – this pretty concoction combines lemon juice, sugar, St. Germaine, sparkling wine, and fresh blueberries. Photographed by Byron Loves Fawn Photography

signature drinks lemonade + blueberry | #signaturedrinks


Summer wedding celebrations, looking for something light and refreshing try this a classic Tom Collins made with gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda Photographed by Aaron Delesie

signature drinks | #signaturedrinks


Blackberry Thyme Cocktail made with Prosecco or champagne + sugar + water and garnished with blackberries and sprigs Thyme. Photographed by Lark & Linen via stylemepretty

signature drinks blackberry and thyme | #signaturedrinks


Another great choice for beautiful warm/hot day is a classic Peach Tequila Sunrise made with peach liqueur and garnished with slices of fresh peaches. Photographed by O’Malley Photographers

Peach Tequila Sunrise signature drinks | #signaturedrinks


A sweet, yet tart, rhubarb mojito signature cocktail made with rhubarb syrup and rum. This drink is not only sound great it also look pretty. Photographed by Not Without Salt

signature drinks | #signaturedrinks


Apple and Blackberry Hard Cider Sangria this cider cocktail perfect for fall sipping made with sparkling apple soda, sliced fresh apples, and oh yeah, enough calvados to get the job done. Plus juicy blackberries and lemon slices for balance. Photographed by Hola Jalapeno via bloglovin

signature wedding drinks | #signaturedrinks


A signature cocktail inspired by beautiful blooming apple blossoms that features champagne, elderflower, rose soda water, and apple-infused vodka. Photographed by Sara Hasstedt

signature wedding drinks | #signaturedrinks


Blushing bride try this rosé slushy made with Belvoir elderflower & rose lemonade + Rose and Ice cubes garnished with sprig of lavender. Photographed by Erin McGinn Photography via stylemepretty

Blush drink - signature wedding drinks | #signaturedrinks


Signature wedding drinks whiskey Cocktail? Try this Whiskey Smash made with Buffalo trace bourbon + Simple syrup garnished with lemon wedges and mint.  Photographed by Brian Samuels via stylemepretty

signature wedding drinks | #signaturedrinks


Apricot tea and ginger cocktail made with Apricot and orange brandy tincture +vodka +cognac or brandy + Crystalized ginger + Dried apricots + Ginger apricot tea and Ginger simple syrup. Photo via stylemepretty

signature wedding drinks , #signaturedrinks


Cranberry rosemary cocktail – A delectable cocktail to serve at any winter party which will get guests in the holiday spirit. Photographed by Sarah Hill Photography

signature wedding drinks, #signaturedrinks

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