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Italy is considered one of the most romantic wedding destinations and is a site that provides all your requirements to have a perfect wedding in Italy. The team offers flexible packages so the couple can always get a good deal that’s within their budget. Once you have figured how much you want to spend and how you want the day to be presented, the team will do everything possible in their hands to create a unique and personalized yet something magical for everyone to cherish the day.

bridal veil,wedding in italy,elopment
Pretty Tuscany Elopment photographed by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography | Wedding Planning by
wedding in Italy,elopment
Pretty Tuscany Elopment photographed by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography | Wedding Planning by

Thousands of weddings have been planned by the team and no two weddings had been the same. Your personality and expression of your love is what  the team aims to achieve when it comes to creating the theme. Each request for the wedding starts from the location, the setting, ceremony, reception, the guests, music, entertainment, food and anything that you want to add to make your day perfect.

wedding in Italy
Photography: Marisa Holmes Photography | Coordinator: Wedding Italy

For a wedding in Italy, you get the choice of getting married in an ancient castle, a villa, by the sea, on a hill or the plains surrounded by vineyards and a whole lot more. The ceremony could be anything from traditional, cult, casual, classic or in any way you like. Whether you want to invite just few friends and family, the team will make sure everyone enjoys the day as much as you do. The music, flowers, decors, entertainment and table settings will be set according to the facets that the couples request.

wedding in italy,florence
Photography: Marisa Holmes Photography | Coordinator: Wedding Italy –

The team makes sure that the day is filled with magic and happiness and nothing less. If the couple wants any changes or advice, every bit of details will be noted, expressed and included. An expert team from Weddingitaly will make sure everything is covered for the day down to the wedding cake and bride’s make up if required and so the couple need not worry about managing the entire process. With the enchanting natural beauty around coupled with the historical touch and romantic escapes, there is no doubt a wedding in Italy would not make your day an unforgettable one.

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