9 Creative ideas for something borrowed


There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Everything has to be done right. We all know the old saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” , but what about the “borrowed”? There are several meanings behind borrowing an item from a friend or relative. Some sources say borrowing something is borrowing happiness from a happily married woman, so that their happiness will carry over to the new bride. The borrowed item also signifies to the bride that she can always count on her friends and family for support. These are some ideas on what you can choose for your “something borrowed” to ensure the best possible luck on your wedding day and for your marriage.

9 Creative ideas for something borrowed

You could borrow something charm from your family or friends and attach theme to your wedding dress ; The image below Blue charm on the zipper pull. Photography by kimlephotography.com

Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com

Wear a piece of jewelry that you inherited from a family member or loved one ,attached it to your bouquet or wedding shoes,photographed by Aaron Delesie

| photography : aarondelesie.com/ | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.combrooch something you can borrow from family | photography : aarondelesie.com/ | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com


Adorn your garter with antique lace or ribbon. Photographed by Kate Ignatowski

Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com


Veils are one of the most popular items for a bride to borrow. Chances are that you have plenty of people who could loan you a veil, from recently married friends to your mother or grandmother. Antique veils are a gorgeous accent for modern wedding gowns, even if they do not match perfectly. It is often entirely possible to make changes to a borrowed veil to help it coordinate better with your gown (assuming that the original bride does not mind, of course). Long veils can be shortened (by having a seamstress cut off the top, then re-gather the tulle and attach to a new comb), single layer veils can have a blusher or a tier added, and embellishments can be added. A plain tulle veil can be completely transformed with the addition of a scattering of twinkling crystals or by stitching on a ribbon or lace trim border. This birdcage veil goes well with bridal wrap photographed by Aaron Delesie that are something you can borrow.

Bridal wrap and birdcage veil | photography : aarondelesie.com/ | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com


One of the nicest ideas for the “something borrowed” is jewelry. Many people will combine two of the things from the old rhyme, so if you want to borrow something that is also blue, for instance, that would work out beautifully. Bridal jewelry sets are frequently loaned by the sister of the bride. If your sister’s wedding jewelry suite happens to be created from a combination of white pearls with blue Swarovski crystal accents, so much the better. Sometimes brides prefer not to wear the exact same sets of bridal jewelry as a close friend or relative, so you could always think about borrowing just a necklace and putting your own personal stamp on it with a unique pair of earrings or Beaded pink clutch and jewelry ,photographed by Photography: KT Merry

Bridal jewelry | photo by ktmerry.com | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com

Borrow a hair from friends or family for your hair updo on wedding day. Photography: Michelle Scott Photography

Photography: michellescottphoto.com | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com

Evening clutch, you could borrow from your friends, Photography: AmandaWilcher.com

Photography: AmandaWilcher.com | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com

Anything which you will wear or carry makes a suitable “something borrowed”, so keep that in mind when seeking that perfect something. In some families, it is customary for the bride to carry a small white Bible or prayer book adorned with ribbons and flowers instead of a bouquet; a borrowed Bible could make a wonderful “something borrowed”, photographed by Cory Kendra Photography

Bible as ring pillow| photography : Cory Kendra Photography | Creative ideas for something borrowed | fabmood.com

When seeking just the right item to borrow, also keep the groom’s family in mind. There would be a very auspicious symbolism about the blending of two families if the bride were to borrow something lucky from the groom’s mother. Whether it is traditional or offbeat, expensive or inexpensive, the bride’s “something borrowed” will become a special part of her wedding.

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