45 Fabulous bridal veils and headpieces


Wedding veil have been among the traditional stuff that brides are wearing for thousands of years, but are something that still popular to most brides today. And just like wedding gowns, veils also evolve to meet the requirements of trendy brides. They are available in many different trendy styles and details that can be accentuated with trendy head accessories. There is something special about a veil, that is why even the most contemporary brides still opt to wear one, at least just for their wedding ceremony. Sure, one can never go wrong with a plain tulle which is a classic type of bridal veil, but many designers these days also offer unique veils that feature attractive details and touches. Here are 45 fabulous bridal veils and headpieces that you might want to have for your wedding.

wedding veil
Stunning bridal gown from Veronique Coleccion | Photography: Patrick Moyer

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