Bridal Shower Games : Ideas For Your Next Party


During a bridal shower, everyone who knows the bride, including moms, come together to have some fun. The fun isn’t guaranteed, however, as anyone who has gone to many bridal showers can attest. From overly emotional friends and family, to people who have past history meeting again, things can get awkward pretty quickly. To avoid such scenarios, consider these bridal shower games and ensure a relaxed and joyous atmosphere.

Bridal Shower Games : Ideas For Your Next Party

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What’s in Your Purse?

The game simply involves getting groups of three to four people to empty their purse and go down a checklist. The more items they have, they higher the number of points they get. You can print out the custom cards already made for this game but you can of course make your own cards.

The Undies Jar

To play this game, ask the ladies to bring a few types of new underwear. Pack all the underwear in a large see-through jar or vase. Ask groups of people to take a guess on how many underwear are in the jar. The closest group wins the session. To make the game harder, give out a colour scheme for the underwear to be used in the game. The good thing about this game is that it can be used as an icebreaker and it can be brought in-between other games.


The classic always works. There are many variations you can go with and getting cards is a breeze these days. You can go one better, by eliminating standard cards and going the digital route. has some of the best bingo sites you can count on for different variations of the bingo game. Rules are clearly outlined for any variation you choose to go with and it is easy to get people on board.

Toilet Paper Bride

This is another classic. Get the ladies to create the perfect wedding dress for the bride using only toilet paper. The dress liked by the bride wins the day. To make the game more challenging, get everyone to walk “the runway” with the dress intact. The wedding dress that remains intact wins.

Who Said It?

Before the shower, get the bride and groom to answer a set of questions regarding their dating lives, taking care to cover things such as pet peeves, favourite hobbies, best things about their partner and more. Write down the facts and answers and have two boxes beside each sentence. Get your guests to take a guess at who said what. The individual with the most correct answer wins.

With these time tested games, you can introduce a new level of fun to any bridal shower at any point in time.

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