Winter wedding color palette, Blue Grey Winter Wedding


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Winter wedding color palette, Blue Grey Winter Wedding 

What do I love  about Winter?  Well, White sparkly snow and Christmas, of course!  I suppose that’s what I really love about Winter. For me, it’s always been such a great and happy time for sharing with family together. So that’s why I think that having a Winter wedding is just the perfect thing.

Today I’m excited to bring you winter wedding color this sweet and wintery look.  If shades of blue are your thing. This winter wedding color palette shade of blue and grey might be your palette.  It’s so pretty when paired blue with a color like grey.  You have the makings of a fabulous winter wedding color palette.

Winter wedding color palette, blue grey winter wedding

I love the white wedding bouquet. The winter bouquet looks amazing so perfect for winter wedding with white snow background, don’t you?  I’m loving these grey bridesmaid dress details, photo from itakeyou.  Classy & fesitive blue and grey winter wedding invitations, photo from burnettsboards.  Seriously i’m loving this romantic wedding portraits bride & groom in the snow…quite possibly the most beautiful wedding picture ever, photo from blog.weddingwire. Who isn’t loving the sounds of these delicious looking frosty so creamy winter warm drinks? Because it’s not every day that you get to indulge like that.. Am I right? photo from onetowed. Beautiful wedding capture blue grey winter door , rustic grey wreath and snow, photo from rgbstock. Blue Ruffle wedding cake, beautiful AND delicious – who could ever say no? photo from itakeyou.  Wow! A truly gorgeous blue eye shadow, photo from  eyeshadowlipstick.  Not only frosty and sparkly from snow on the ground,something bling on blue ice skate…diamond ring! on blue ice skate,photo from ruffledblog.

Are you falling in love with these winter wedding color palette, blue grey winter wedding?

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