Silver and White Winter wedding For A Glamorous Winter Wedding


Creating a world of enchantment is every bride’s dream when they have a winter wedding. Winter is a magical time of the year. If you choose to celebrate your wedding in the winter months, there are many beautiful themes and colours to represent the season,like silver and white,gold and gold or red and green. For today,we put together silver and white for a glamorous winter wedding.  If you like a winter themed wedding that will sparkle, then this is the theme for you. The simplicity of this colour scheme will add elegance to the occasion without overdoing the colours. You might also choose some subtle holiday colors to enhance your day.

Silver and White Winter wedding for a glamours winter wedding |

Silver and White Winter wedding

White Snow and anything in white is a great way to capture the spirit of winter. You can very easily get décor elements and themed flower arrangements which would go contribute to the silver and white theme. You can be creative with your menu and choice of cake. White and silver snowflakes or glasses can be hung from ceilings for a dramatic effect. You tables you might want use a silver tablecloth and or if you choose to use white tablecloth you can sprinkle some gold and silver confetti around the center of the table.

There is a wide choice of themes ranging from the traditional to the contemporary to help your turn your wedding into a winter wonderland. No matter what wedding reception supplies you decide on, do remember to stick with your wedding theme to create a lasting impression on your wedding day.

Image credits : Wedding Cake : Anastasia Belik Photography via Frosty Blue Winter wedding on Fab Mood | Bride : rusticweddingchic  | Silver tablecloth : Yasmin Khajavi Photography via stylemepretty | Silver Bridesmaid : Greer G Photography via  stylemepretty | White bauble : photolivika.livejournal | Winter winter wedding invitation : Aneta MAK via stylemepretty

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