Shades of grey wedding colour theme for Outdoor Summer Wedding


Summer is a fantastic time for weddings. The warmth invites feelings of spirited happiness and the basking sheen of the shimmering sun reminds one of the great future in store. If you’re planning a bright, sunny outdoor wedding that is simple yet elegant, we have the perfect summer wedding theme for you! It’s this lovely Shades of Grey wedding theme, with a colour palette ranging from the silvery light tones of platinum to the darker sophistication of blackberry. Here’s how to use it!

Shades of grey wedding colour theme for Outdoor Summer Wedding |

Shades of grey wedding colour theme for Outdoor Summer Wedding

  • To start off, the bridesmaids can dress in gentle hues of grey, accentuated by a bouquet of white florals that also matches the brides.
  • While the bride dresses in traditional, classic white,
  • The groom can then switch it up by wearing a grey suit. He can also opt for a black tuxedo paired with a grey tie or, for a unique and cute twist, a polka dotted bow tie.
  • Wedding invitations and stationery make a big first impression. Why not use black chalk paper matched with silver or grey elegant calligraphy?
  • Décor is also a big area to consider! Try aiming for an abundance of greenery with floor-to-ceiling leaf and vine arrangements, and maybe a stand-out olive branch chandelier.
  • Then, top it all off with a simple wedding case coated in white icing, with plenty of greenery accenting the cake table. Mix and match the different grey shades around, and have fun! It’s your big day, after all!


Olive branch chandelier + cake table : Jose Villa Photography | Grey bridesmaids : |Grey bow tie : | Ring : Jose Villa Photography  via Vera Wang Wedding dress for ethereal garden wedding   | Chalk paper invitation : via


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