9 Perfect wedding cakes for Summer Weddings



Summer is one of the most popular times for weddings, and it is a season of joy and celebration. Bring the wonderful feeling of summer to your wedding with a great wedding cake. Every wedding needs a sweet ending. Your wedding cake is one of the parts of the reception which allows you to be the most creative.

A few don’t for the icing: whipped cream will not last long in the heat. Fondant is a great icing, but tends to form droplets of condensation. The taste and texture of fondant will quickly be compromised in the heat. Cream cheese frosting is simply too heavy and sweet for summertime. The frosting that will hold up the best and be most appropriate in every way is buttercream frosting. In addition, it doesn’t need to be held at a cold temperature to stay safe. Here’re some pretty summer wedding cakes and I’m hoping that will inspire you.


Four layers of colorful perfection ombre cake

perfect summer wedding cake

Photography: Marina Koslow Photography

Pretty summer wedding cake,summer wedding cakes

Colorful Southern Wedding in Palmetto | Photography : Harwell Photography


Naked wedding cake always popular for summer weddings

Pretty summer wedding cake

Vintage Rustic Lakeland Ranch Wedding | Photography: Rachel Absher Photography

perfect summer wedding cake,summer wedding cakes

Photo : madebymaryblogg


Ombre naked cake | Photography: Peter Veronika - peterandveronika.com/en/

Ombre naked cake | Photography: Peter Veronika


perfect summer wedding cakes,Naked cake topped with berries

Naked cake topped with berries | Photography: Katie Parra Photography


Over-sized flowers are having a stunning impact. Instead of small flowers accenting each tier, this trend calls for a few large flowers strategically placed on your wedding cake.

Over-sized flowers on wedding cake

Photography: Ashlee Raubach – ashleeraubach.com


Bold wedding cake never gone wrong summer weddings


Pretty summer wedding cake

Photography : Emily Weis Photography


Cheerful designs are ideal for summer wedding cakes.

Pretty summer wedding cake

Photography: Cassi Claire

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