How to save on wedding cake costs – 7 Ways to save on your wedding cake


You probably have an idea of what you want your wedding cake to be. The first thing to do is to shop around for a baker and tell them what you have in mind… be very sure you ask for a taste test of the flavors you are interested in. Here then are some wedding cake ideas that will having your cake looking like it costs a fortune but are all real budget savers.

How to save on wedding cake costs

1. Consider a single tiered wedding cake 

One way to save money is to have a single tiered cake for the wedding cake table and for your cake cutting ceremony then use larger sheet cakes, frosted in your chosen colours, to be cut and served to the guests. Or you can have a few single tiered cakes display on vintage glass stand instead of a larger sheet cakes. See here 37 single tiered wedding cake will have your guests’ mouth watering.

How to save on wedding cake costs - a smaller tiered cake for the wedding cake table

Single Tiered Wedding cake & figs. Autumn wedding ideas!:


2. Do it yourself  

Making a wedding cake is not as difficult as it might seem. If you can prepare a cake, you can prepare a wedding cake – it is little more than two or more different size cakes stacked on top of each other. If you feel uncomfortable with the stacking part, just get a cake stand, the impression will be very similar. Or do it in the same size like this naked sponge wedding cake. Chose a simple decoration, such as fresh flowers in matching colours or summer fruits. This kind of cake can be integrated in any kind of wedding colour scheme.

How to save on wedding cake costs, mascarpone and raspberry almond cake ...:


3. How to save on wedding cake costs – Meet at halfway

Some bakers will bake the cake and frost it and let you decorate it. You then can complete decorating it with fresh fruit or flowers that have been picked the day of your wedding; you might even get your florist to provide you some at little or no cost

Single tiered Wedding Cakes with fruit:

An elegant three-tier white wedding cake with beautiful roses


4. Keep it simple

If you order from a bakery, they will charge you for the working hours that go into your wedding cake. So chose a design that is easy to assemble, avoid sugar sculptures or marzipan flowers – think about a white icing dotted with little silver pearls for example.

Classic simple white wedding cake with small icing dotted and rose accents


5. Cupcake wedding cakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are a popular inexpensive alternative for weddings, large and small. Displayed on a cupcake stand or as part of a tableau, cupcakes can be offered in multiple flavors with a variety of decorations. They offer guests a selection and fit into a self-serve format,but with the right baker and arrangement, a cupcake wedding cake will amaze your guests. The cupcakes are normally arranged in tiers, just like traditional cakes are.

Cupcake wedding cakes in multiple flavours


6. Alternative and fun ideas

For an alternative way,if you really want to add some fun ideas to your wedding and treat yourself, consider a huge stack of donuts or stack of brownies like a tower as image below. This is such a fun idea and your guest will love it! See wedding dessert ideas

This drizzled tower of donuts as a wedding cake looks amazing

Brownie tower - alternative wedding cake tower ideas:


7. Consider Fruits or flowers for cake topper

How to save on wedding cake costs – Instead of expensive cake topper or the traditional bride and groom pair wedding cake topper. Consider fruits or flowers! Nature can be a great place to get inspiration for a wedding cake topper. Fruits and flowers are a classic cake decoration that always deserve consideration. Sometimes the simplicity of a breathtaking display of beautiful roses atop a white cake or blackberries atop a naked wedding cake. See here 26 naked wedding cakes.

How to save on wedding cake costs, Blackberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream


8. Polaroid Wedding Cake Topper

How to save on wedding cake costs? This is definitely fun and massive saving on a wedding cake topper.

How to save on wedding cake costs,Polaroid Wedding Cake Topper


Image : Snippet and ink | brownies : youandyourwedding | Naked wedding cake : Cocoebaunilha | Blackberries on naked wedding cake : Artful Desperado | simple dotted wedding cake : Concept wedding photography | Polaroid wedding cake topper : Jill Parmely Photography | wedding cake & figs : Thomas Steibl Photography

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