Mason Jar Centerpieces { Ideas for wedding reception centerpieces using mason jars }


What is it about mason jars that make them so popular in décor? Today we’re exploring the phenomenon of the mason jar and how you can use them in your wedding to make beautiful centerpieces! The design of the molded glass jar we know today as the mason jar was created and patented in 1858 by a Mr. John Landis Mason in Philadelphia. The purpose of these particularly-designed jars was to create an airtight seal for home canning of food goods to make them last beyond a season. The design revolutionized the food industry, and today it seems to be revolutionizing the décor industry! So what makes these jars so popular in such an unexpected way? Perhaps it’s the fun juxtaposition of such a simple, everyday object used in an upscale, elegant way.

So here are some creative ways you can utilize the mason jar to create beautifully elegant centerpieces for any wedding theme you have in mind!

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The unexpected sight of an ordinary glass jar filled with lavish floral arrangements. Perhaps it’s the way the light catches inside the thick molded glass that makes these so special. Personally, I think the reason is even deeper than that. I think that subconsciously we associate these canning jars with our childhood home – seeing them lining the cupboard with homemade jams and the fruits and veggies of the season. Knowing that they were a labor of love by your mother or grandmother to ensure the family had their favorite foods year-round. And even if you weren’t lucky enough to grow up in a canning culture, you can appreciate the warmth that might be associated with it. I think that’s why these special little jars have transcended beyond their use in rustic décor and have found a permanent place in the world of design.

Photo : Lisa Berry

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