Affordable Wedding Centerpieces That Don’t Look Cheap


If you’re having a pretty big wedding reception, you could have anywhere from 10-30 tables to decorate! So you might be trying to figure out how to keep the décor classic and elegant while staying within your budget. , we’ve put together a variety of affordable Wedding centerpieces that you could go with. And feel free to mix it up with some ideas of your own to personalize these.

For example, do-it-yourself melted wax candles dripping down glass bottles – you could use your favorite wine variety or go rustic with mason jars or whiskey bottles. You can even vary the colours of the candles you melt to match your color scheme. Or consider the classic look of running bunches of greenery down the center of the table with scattered candles in various shapes and sizes. Eucalyptus is one of the least expensive bulk greenery options, and it coordinates beautifully with almost any colour scheme and can go from super formal to low-key casual with the right candle holders. And don’t forget that decorating your tables with local seasonal flowers in simple vases is a tradition as old as weddings themselves, so don’t be afraid to keep it simple and scatter a few tea lights or votive candles around for added ambiance without the high cost!

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