Grey and dark blue color scheme for bedroom

Bedroom color scheme ideas will help you to add harmonious shades to your home which give variety and feelings of calm. From beautiful wall colors to eye-catching furnishings these bedroom room color schemes will take your space to your next level. Discover beautiful color scheme inspiration for your bedroom room below and see more next page.

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Grey and dark blue color scheme for bedroom

From left : #283347 , #374154 , #646c75 , #b0aeaa , #c2bfbb , #cccac7

Wall Paint Color Ideas

1. Mid Grey

mid grey, cool grey, mid grey paint , mid grey paint color

Mid Grey : Try “Exposed Paint” from Graham Brown. Exposed is the perfect blend of red and blue tones, creating a cool mid grey. Exposed reveals what’s beneath the graphic geometric design, and works as a stunning backdrop for modern and classic decor alike. Accessorize with rose gold and silver accessories to create a contemporary sanctuary.

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2. Light Grey wall

light grey wall

Light Grey wall : Try “light grey” from M&L Paints – This natural, earthy shade brings the outside in, and its depth of colour enhances any living space.

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3. Rich mid blue

rich medium blue, medium blue color, medium blue paint

Rich mid blue : Try “Brave” from Graham Brown – Brave is the perfect, rich, mid blue which will pair with many Graham and Brown wallpaper designs. With red pigments, Brave appears bluer than Contrast. This inky navy is ideal for creating a contemporary haven by being styled with copper accessories.

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4. Dark Blue

dark blue color, dark blue paint color

Dark blue: Try “Rhapsody Resistance Ultra Matte” from Graham Brown – Rhapsody, meaning effusively enthusiastic, is a rich deep navy blue that will create the perfect modern backdrop when styled with copper accessories. When used in large, open spaces, Rhapsody works well in period homes.

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5. Pearl Grey

light grey, pearl grey, pearl grey color, pearl grey paint

Light Grey : Try “Pearl Grey” from M&L Paints – A delicate shade of light grey defined by nature and designed to reflect the natural colour of uncultured pearls that exist in the depths of the ocean. Pure grey, its soft yet cool hue imparts a modern, sophisticated finish to any living environment.

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