14 Beautiful Bedroom Colour Schemes : Sage Green Bedroom

13. Sage Green Colour Scheme for Bedroom

Sage Green Colour Scheme For Bedroom : This lovely colour palette is sage Green colour scheme for bedroomGreen bedroom is the one of the most popular and best choice. Sage green create a calming atmosphere.  This colour combo of sage green tone invokes major cozy contemporary modern vibes. A lovely green shade wall art gallery adds a fresh touch to this bedroom.

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Shades of Green Colour Hex

The ideal way to give flair and impact to a small room is to apply colour correctly and use a decor theme. There are many different types of bedroom paint colors from which you can choose. However, everyone has a particular style and taste and choose paint colours according to the colour that they like the most.

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Wall Paint Colour Ideas

1. Magnol Paint from Graham and Brown

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Magnol, named after Pierre Magnol, the inspiration behind 2018 wallpaper of the year, inspired this beautiful contemporary shade. This gorgeous sage green picks out the blossoming florals within Pierre wallpaper design. Contrast with Penelope pink, or Florence for a stunning fresh decor.
Link : https://www.grahambrown.com/uk/magnol-resistance-ultra-matt-emulsion-2.5l/CT-070-042-107029.html

2. Slide Paint from Graham and Brown

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Slide is a perfect combination of green hues, deepened with grey tones to create a perfect blend. An intriguing shade, Slide can be made contemporary or used to create a more classical style when paired with muted, dusky neutrals.
Link : https://www.grahambrown.com/uk/slide-paint/CT-060-068-master.html

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