Cranberry, Sky blue wedding Colour combinations for Autumn wedding



Give your wedding a light, airy, and serene feel with this theme centered on the fun elegance of the hue sky blue. Combine it with two of Pantone’s top 10 colours this fall, and you can achieve the perfect look for an informal autumn or winter wedding! With the subtle vibrancy, sophistication, and stability of Riverside and the calming free spirit of Airy Blue, this theme mixes in the density of red cranberry and the gentleness of pink for extra beauty. If you decide on a festive winter wedding, then add in more cranberry and you’re good to go!

Sky blue wedding Colour combinations for Autumn wedding

  • Sky blue wedding colour for wedding attire : The bridesmaids in a wedding of this theme will look stunning in mix-and-match sky blue gowns, especially alongside a beautiful bride in white.
  • Groom : Don’t forget the groom, who can dress in an airy blue suit and look dapper with a riverside-tinged bow tie.
  • Place cards : In addition, set out name cards for the guests on white card with blue calligraphy of your choice.
  • Flowers : One of the most important features of this theme is the florals; mixed flowers in white, pink, and red cranberry add romance to this gorgeous theme! Place them everywhere and generously as you can – in the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, draped over the back of the wedding car, and even just randomly speckled around in wire baskets! Arrange them around a simple white wedding cake or wrap them around white picket fences for added sweetness. You can also use a long garland of the florals across the tables by setting them atop a sky blue tablecloth.
  • Wedding car : Don’t skip even last details for your wedding car. Give the Elegant floral-draped getaway car , for winter use more shades of dark red or use berry wreath instead.

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Sky blue Bridesmaids dresses  : | Groom in blue suit + Riverside bow tie :  | Wedding car decorated with floral-draped : |Lush garland and a blue tablecloth :  | Floral garland :  | Colorful floral topped wedding cake :  | Something blue : | Shades of autumn bouquet : Jen Huang


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