Yellow summer wedding ideas, yellow color palettes


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Yellow summer wedding ideas

Summer wedding anyone? Bright yellow’s the first colour pop up in my head like wake up in the morning you see sunshine. Ah! you feel today is gon’na be really great day.  The colour yellow is an attractive colour.  If you add yellow colour into your wedding, it will create a warm, welcoming and cheerful.

1. Lovely yellow bridesmaids – bridesmaid
2. Yellow heels – Ryan Ray
3.  Yellow & White Striped Straws –  Bella Grace Studios
4. Yellow cake with birds on top. It’s so simple!!! I love it.  – itakeyou
5.  Save the date – Brooke Beasley Photography
6. Bright yellow ballons – carlyfuller
7. Yellow bouquet – munaluchibridal

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