Yellow Wedding Color Combination { Wedding Color Trends 2021 }


2. Yellow Wedding Color Palette

What do you think of our previous wedding color trends 2021 – Beige and sage wedding color combo?

Next, our wedding color trends 2021 for those who loves bright and cheerful tones, this yellow wedding color combo below might be perfect for you. This yellow wedding color palette combines with lots of greenery + shades of pink but try not to overload on pink if you are aiming for yellow as a main theme.

When it comes to choosing a wedding color scheme, you just have to go with your gut! When you find the right color palette, you’ll know. There are so many color to choose from. There is actually quite a long list of the popular wedding colors for this year. Nevertheless, here are the shades you will probably find most suitable for your big day!

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Wedding cake & reception : Pinkerton Photography | Yellow bridal shoes : Maryana Milaslavskaya via Mimosa Inspired Wedding | Bride with bouquet : The Poffs  | Wedding invitations : Julia Kaptelova  | Ring box : Casey Green Photography  | Wedding Cake : cavinelizabeth |

Yellow Wedding Color Combination

Yellow is vibrant color that is most often used to represent happiness and energy. Therefore, a yellow wedding theme is an obvious choice for couples that want a long and happy marriage. Yellow is a very bright color, it brings life to whatever environment it is in, and is perfect for setting the mood for a joyous occasion.

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Yellow wedding cake

The wedding cake is a wonderful place to add a bit of yellow. The classic style of pale yellow frosting roses on a creamy buttercream cake is pure elegance. A yellow basketweave design topped with fresh flowers is another lovely showpiece for the reception. Keep in mind that yellow can also be sophisticated. One only has to see a white fondant cake with square tiers decorated with exotic yellow orchids to know just how chic yellow can be.

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Yellow Wedding Color

Yellow is an uplifting color, but it can also be a little overpowering so the key to successfully creating your yellow wedding theme is to have just the right amount of yellow. Too much of this color and it becomes too visually stimulating. Make sure to combine your yellow decorations with some other colors, preferably ones that are a little more muted like white. Having a wedding cake that incorporates both colors can be great, white makes it more elegant while yellow adds a bit of fun.

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Yellow Color Combination for home decor

Since yellow has a sunshiny wake-up energy type of influence on the human psyche we want to be extremely cautious in the use if this color in a place where we want to relax. If you must have yellow in the bedroom it is recommended that it be used in accent pieces.

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