30 Winter Wedding Gowns for Any Winter Wedding That You’ll Love


Planning a winter wedding? For any bride getting married during the winter, finding wedding dresses that seem appropriate for the season. Many brides often have trouble finding a dress that doesn’t look like it belongs in a spring or summer wedding. If you are concerned about a long sleeved dress being too matronly, you can simply have some younger elements added. You could consider a lower neckline or cutouts on the back of the bodice to add some youthful flair to your gown. Here, our warm and stylish 30 Winter Wedding Gowns we love! you’ll love to complement your snowy ceremony. Click arrow on left/right for the next winter wedding gown.

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Winter Wedding Gowns – Classic Long Sleeves

Long sleeved wedding dresses have come quite a long way with brides. Once considered out of fashion, sleeves on these gowns are seen more and more on today’s fashion runways. Long sleeved gowns are very vogue, upscale and are very appropriate for any winter wedding.

Photo by India Earl | Wedding Dress by Leanne Marshall


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