Wedding registry ideas and tips


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Wedding Registry Ideas

Are you setting up wedding registry list? Have you got any ideas what should you add into your list?

Remember that this is the one time in your life when for some unexplained reason friends and family will be more generous than you can possibly realise. Are you setting up wedding registry list? Have you got any ideas what should you add into your list? Wedding registry ideas that i would go for it.

A new set of bedding is always nice. Look at it and you might be surprised at how tired your pillows are.

Really nice sets of wine glasses are a fantastic gift and it you are concerned about the amount that they cost, then split it down into pairs to make it more affordable for people. The same goes for dinner sets. These are the sorts of things that you will have with you for life.

People will always buy photo frames as wedding presents, so don’t put that down.

Or you could do. Have a small wedding registry list and ask people to donate towards your honeymoon. You will be stunned at how generous people are and it meant that e you will have some spending money for the honeymoon.

1. Inspired by beads, jewelry and precious stones, Sagaform has worked with designer Ann-Carin Wiktorsson to create the SPECTRA glass series. Ann-Carin has created wine glasses with a joyful feel based on a green-blue and red-purple colour palette,  Sagaform Spectra Wine Glasses –
2. Modern Dinnerware Collection features square shapes with rounded edges that look great in any modern kitchen. A great gift idea for newlyweds
3. Pretty, yet practical; this versatile collection combines familiar design with soft, retro colours for a homely, traditional look.
4.  Scalloped Cake Stand
5. Arizona Cotton Throw
6. Add a touch of floral to your bedroom with this polycotton duvet. With an elegant print, this duvet cover will give you the boost you need every morning.
7. Those clever chaps at Joseph Joseph have come up with yet another innovative idea to make food preparation that little bit easier. Elevate kitchen tools are designed with a weighted soft–grip handle system to prevent the utensil head touching the work surface.

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