Wedding donuts


Let’s take a trip down memory lane and visit the scrumptious comfort foods of your childhood that are making the rounds at this season’s trendiest weddings.

Donuts – Mmm…donuts. This universally-loved indulgence is not only a nostalgic Sunday morning treat, but also one of this year’s newest and most unconventional wedding desserts. From Sticky and Crispy Sugar towers to sophisticated doughnut holes hand dipped in gourmet chocolate, this former cheap breakfast sweet has quickly become a dessert buffet must have wedding donut.

wedding donuts

Photo : asianbeesphotography

wedding donuts,pink frosted wedding donuts,wedding donut

photo : chelseascanlan

wedding dessert ideas,wedding dounts,wedding donut

Powdered Donoughts for Dessert! Jodi Miller Photography

wedding donuts

Photo : Heidi Lau Photography

wedding dessert ideas

Sprinkle doughnut towers | Photography by

wedding donuts,wedding desserts ideas

photo : Elyse Hall Photography

wedding donuts

wedding donuts van,wedding donuts

Who says you can’t have a donut van at a wedding garden party? Photo : photo by Kirralee Wedding Photographer via ruffleblog

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