24 Wedding Card boxes { incorporate your card box into the theme of the décor }


Amid all the fun decorating, dress shopping, and entertainment planning for your wedding celebration, one grey area that can sometimes feel awkward for a couple is how to handle gifts and cards from guests on the day of the event. Let’s face it, we know that our friends and family want to shower us with gifts and even monetary contributions, but we don’t want to come across tacky or greedy either!

Different cultures have different traditions for handling this aspect of matrimony, too. Italian brides usually carry a silk purse often made to match her dress for the sole purpose of collecting cards and money from guests as she greets them. Many cultures around the world include a money dance during the reception, during which guests can pin cash to her dress in order to earn a dance with the bride. Finnish brides historically collect them door-to-door in a pillowcase before the wedding! Thank goodness the process is simplified these days by making it acceptable and trendy to include a gift table with a card box at the reception!

Why not incorporate your card box into the theme of the décor? A wooden milk crate for a rustic wedding, a vintage suitcase full of personal photos, even a hollow pumpkin for an autumn wedding! Here are some stylish and versatile variations for wedding card boxes.

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Card Suitcase Vintage Bunting suitcase as wedding card box. Photo : Scarborough wedding photographer

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