19 Ways To Have A Fabulous Wedding On A budget – Popcorn

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As we know wedding can become a massive expensive. You probably wondered how to plan your dream wedding if you’ve such a tight budget. Well my friends : ) Firstly you should sit down with your fiancé and discuss what you both feel a reasonable budget is, Once you have agreed upon a budget and who will be paying for it. You will then need to make a categorized list for each area of your wedding. Since the wedding reception normally takes the largest chunk out of your budget, you’ll want to focus on trimming your reception expenses as much as possible. The biggest money saver, without having to compromise catering services, is to trim your guest list down to close family and friends. There is really no need to invite family whom you haven’t seen in years, or those friends who you have lost touch with. And next take a look some fabulous ways below that will help you to start off and you will have you fabulous wedding as your dream.

Pop corns bar fun and great snacks – Keep the late-night revelry going with tasty bites.

Pop corns bar fun and great snacks


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