10 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


A wedding is one special day that will help you create a truckload of beautiful and happy memories that will stay with you for your lifetime. Your wedding guest book is one of the most special memoirs from your wedding. The tradition was created to fulfill one simple goal – provide the guests and loved ones with a channel to convey their messages and blessings to the bride and groom. They make wonderful keepsakes too, something that the couple can cherish for years to come in their happy marriage. You too should definitely include this tradition in your wedding celebrations. Here are 10 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas to help you add a bit of flair to this important marriage tradition.

Engagement photo session pictures as a guest book. Use the best pictures of you two as a couple and combine them to make a wedding guestbook. Your friends and family can then sign their messages on these pictures, leave their blessings and convey their happiness for the married couple. This beautiful wedding photo album by Katie Osgood Photography

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas | photo book ideas


“Fill-Me-In Party Poster” very cool thing. Your guests get to add messages to speech bubbles and colour in their own little character. Image via Not on the high street

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas | fabmood.com


How about have all your guests sign a heart that you will frame and put up in your house! Such a fun guest book idea! image via etsy

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas:


A ceramic plate or platter is a fun and very unique way of having your guests sign and wish you on your wedding day. A large plate/platter is better for weddings of more than 50 guests and you can keep this as a home decor [usually a focal point of a particular room]. Don’t forget to provide a fine-point marker to your guests to ensure that their messages will stay permanently on the ceramic surface. You can order these guest book plates/platters online and some stores may also include special markers as well. This lovely wedding Signature Plate designed by Arty Pants Ceramics. A fantastic alternative to the traditional wedding guest book.

Wedding Signature Plate - Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


Thumbprint guest book! Nobody will be able to resist signing this thumbprint guestbook! image via buzzfeed

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


Another thumbprint I really is thumbprint on the love tree and you can make a canvas you can keep. It’s really sweet. Fun for children and adults alike! image via English wedding blog

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


“Guest book” – sign letters to hang on the wall?? such as “Love” or “Your initial name and you can use as your home decoration after your wedding. Image via hubpages

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas | fabmood.com


Guest “book” bench! Have guests use sharpies on the unfinished wood, then seal it with clear coat a few days after. Image via weddingbee

Guest "book" bench! Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


Combine photography and your guest book to make a picture magazine of sorts. Have a professional photographer take Polaroid-style pictures of your wedding guests and have then sign their messages on them. You can later combine these together for a memorable wedding guest book. Photographed by JoPhoto via wedding chicks

photo guestbook | polaroid guestbook | gold wedding ideas |Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


Have guests sign a wine (or champagne!) bottle when they arrive. Image via Inspiring Pretty

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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