10 Fabulous Terracotta Wedding Color Combos


10 Fabulous Terracotta Wedding Color Combos

Terracotta color schemes : Trends in wedding colors have been changing. Terracotta has been a leading wedding color for the past few years and still going strong this year. If you’re looking for warm color palette, terracotta is one of the best warm hue. The beauty of this color is in its versatility. You can select everything from a dusty hue to bright terracotta. Medium terracotta is one of the most popular hues for wedding. Pairing this shade of terracotta with lighter shades can give your color palette the perfect sense of balance. Or pair with blush and mauve for romantic look. Using one color may seem overwhelming for a wedding color theme. However, remember that colors have several hues and shades that can be combined together to create the right balance. If you’re still on the hunt for inspo, let us give you 10 fabulous terracotta wedding color combos.

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1. Terracotta and Peach Wedding

Terracotta is a popular color for autumn weddings. To make the look more romantic boho, add peach shades with terracotta combination. Terracotta paired with soft peach color would be feminine and yet seasonal for a fall afternoon ceremony. Think about how pretty your bridesmaids would look in soft peach dresses.

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Bride and Groom by Boom Blush | Bridesmaids :  lovelybride.com  | Reception Photo by @alyssamarieephoto | Wedding Cake by A Spoonful Of Sugar, photo by Voorde Camera

2. Burnt Terracotta

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Bridesmaid Dresses by Jenny Yoo | Place setting Photo by Brandy Morrison Photography  | Wedding invitations photo by Peyton Byford | Wedding Table Photo by Voorde Camera

3. Nude, Mustard & Terracotta

If one color is not your style, then mix and match makes a great starting point for a fall wedding color palette. Combine it with a mustard, golden wheat, honey and nude for a a soft palette that is seasonal without being in your face “fall!”. This would be lovely for an elegant outdoor wedding.

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4. Mauve and Terracotta

If you think that fall is a season with limited colors and themes to choose from then you would be wrong. If you are someone who loves deep rich colors, then a fall wedding is ideal for you. For this particular season, you can use a lot of orange, terracotta, brown, peach, chocolate, mauve colors. Even though you don’t necessarily have to pick a theme that has to do with the season itself, it’s still fun to have a wedding inspired by the beauty autumn leaves.

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5. Green and Terracotta Wedding

A terracotta color scheme can be toned down with touches of green or taupe shades. This way, you will retain the over all vibrancy of your signature colors while making it a color scheme that is easy to live with.

pine green and terracotta , green and terracotta color combo

Photo via mosshounddesigns.com

6. Rust and Terracotta Wedding

Dusty rose colors such as sugar honey glaze, mauve and withered rose are all gorgeous when combined with terracotta or rust accents.

Rust color combinations for autumn wedding

7. Terracotta and Sage Wedding

Rust and Sage Wedding Colour Palette

8. Sugar Almond and Terracotta Wedding

Terracotta + Rust + Sugar Almond { Pantone Autumn 2019 } with Mauve Accents

9. Green and Terracotta Boho Wedding

Rust Terracotta and Misty Green For Boho Fall Wedding - autumn wedding colour #wedding #color #weddingcolor

10. Terracotta Color Scheme for Industrial Wedding

When trying to avoid the standard rustic fall colors, the key is to use something a bit more sophisticated with one of the rich seasonal hues. For instance, the rich red of burgundy is a fairly classic fall color, but when paired with a blue grey, the result is truly regal.

Industrial Chic Moody Fall Wedding with Romantic Edge

Something else to keep in mind when choosing the colors for your wedding is that they should reflect who you are more than what the latest trends happen to be.

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