Shades of Green Wedding Ideas for French Inspired Wedding in Countryside



If I were to plan a destination wedding, there is no question that it would be in France.  A french style wedding held in the gardens of French countryside? Well count me! Today’s post we paired together a shades of green and neutral shades of light grey + white lace. This wedding palette is so stunning, so airy and romantic.  I love the mixture of the French style and greenery. So beautiful!

Shades of Green Wedding Ideas for French Inspired Wedding in Countryside | Fab Mood #frenchwedding #wedding

Shades of Green Wedding Ideas

  • The bride wears the wedding gown made from Alencon lace , Chantilly lace , classically French fabrics, open low back + loose updo hairstyle.—so feminine and chic.
  • There’s nothing more awesome inspiring than chandeliers hanging outside above wedding lounge! This is beautiful and so dreamy ideas.
  • On wedding table decor, adding a few sprigs of herbs or lavender to your place settings.
  • There’s nothing more French—or more delicious—than serving French cheese during cocktail hour!
  • Lace — Can’t be French wedding without lace, use laces in your wedding decor such as table runner, wedding dessert table or even your bouquet.
  • Be sure to serve a little bubbly during cocktail hour (and maybe even beforehand!) for a very French treat.

Serve cocktails at French weddingPink bubbles - French Wedding Ideas

Pink bubbles are the best kind. Try a brut rose, especially tasty in the summer!

Pink bubbles - French Wedding Ideas

As much as we love the fruit, the frills and the fancy garnishes, sometimes a classic champagne tower followed by a traditional toast is all you need.

Grand Champagne Tower - French wedding Ideas

Bride and Groom : Alicia Lacey Photography | Boutonnieres : Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography | Wedding lounge :  Jen Huang Fine Art Wedding Photography  via | Wedding Tablescape : Jose Villa Photography via  | Soap wedding favors : Jen Huang Fine Art Wedding Photography via | French style dessert bar : Cat Hepple Photography | Wedding Cocktails :  | Wedding Cocktail : Anne Robert Photography |  Wedding Cocktails  : Coco Tran Photography  | Grand Champagne Tower : Anastasia Belik


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