Neutral Wedding Colours Palette Ideas


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Neutral wedding colours

When you hear “neutral”, your first reaction might be “boring“, and it is true that neutral shade need to be used deliberately to create the right effect.  There are a variety of neutral shades that you can use in your wedding design. There are warmer tones, such as beige, café au lait, and sand, as well as cooler shades like grey, pewter, and smoke. The warmer neutrals tend to be more versatile as well as more inviting, but the cooler tones can be perfect for a modern, minimalist wedding. Colours like grey are also great when used in combination with pops of bold bright colours like canary yellow or scarlet.

So, as you can see, neutral certainly does not have to mean boring! Neutral tones are easy to use in any space, and they can work for almost any type of wedding, from the most formal to the very casual. A neutral wedding colours palette is an easy way to have an elegant and subtle wedding ceremony and reception. I hope you enjoyed neutral wedding colours palette.

1. Mix & matching bridesmaids 
2. wedding invitation
3. place setting 
4. Wedding cake ,the icing style is cute and more “rustic” than the fondant look 
5. blush & neutral bouquet  
6. Bride seat

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